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ANIL UZUN Joins Judging Panel for Istanbul Photography Club Competition

ANIL UZUN has urged Istanbulites to let their camera “rule with its lens”, as he joins the judging panel for the Istanbul Photography Club Lockdown photography competition.

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London, UK — (ReleaseWire) — 06/16/2021 — ANIL UZUN is an architect and a photographer organizing group exhibitions for the underground artists, facilitates projects for independent photographers, and joins the photography projects and presentations with his work.

Istanbul Photography Club has launched its photography and video competition, calling on Istanbulites to capture their everyday lives during the pandemic and ANIL UZUN is among the judges.

"Creativity will be at the forefront of healing and recovery." says ANIL UZUN. "I want every photographer to be brave and capture their lockdown. How do you spend your days, how does your bedroom look? Take a picture of your Friday night, video your living room, what do you watch on TV? Capture something new rustled up in the kitchen, or your family out running, Istanbul Photography Club wants to see the personal reflections of lockdown." he continues.

What Istanbul Photography Club does is important because the only way to really capture a moment is through an image, Lockdown is to be captured. I want to see the lockdown of the people. The photographic and video competition for all Istanbulites is a great project that I am happy to be a part of. I will have the opportunity to see the people's view of life in lockdown in this great city as it waits to rise again." says ANIL UZUN.

ANIL UZUN is an architect and a photographer. He was born in 1968 in ?stanbul. He has been taking photos since 1990 and has been an architect since 1994. ANIL UZUN organizes group exhibitions for the underground artists, facilitates projects for independent photography artists, and makes their work seen. He also joins the photography projects and presentations with his books. He works as an independent architect for many companies and projects and travels worldwide to take photos.

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