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Andrew’s Awesome Adventures with His ADHD Brain Helping Children and Parents to Understand Inattentive-type ADHD

Andrew’s Awesome Adventures with His ADHD Brain Helping Children and Parents to Understand Inattentive-type ADHD

“Andrew’s Awesome Adventures with His ADHD Brain
Helping Children and Parents to Understand Inattentive-type ADHD
Kristin Wilcox, Ph.D.
with Andrew Wilcox”
“So, if our ADHD kids are intelligent, why is it so difficult for them to pay attention, complete assignments for school, or follow a set of instructions, especially if they understand what to do? It has to do with executive functioning and working memory.”
– excerpt from Andrew’s Awesome Adventures with His ADHD Brain

Change what you think you know about ADHD. In this two-part book, Andrew, a child with inattentive-type ADHD, and his mom, Kristin Wilcox, Ph.D., each tell their story about living with the inattentive subtype of ADHD.

How do you survive life and middle school with an ADHD elephant in your brain? Kids with ADHD will relate to Andrew’s reactions to everyday and school-related situations, like remembering to turn in homework, staying organized, and making friends. Using practical strategies Andrew learns to manage his ADHD even when his brain sometimes feels “like and overstuffed garbage can, the lid won’t stay on and garbage is falling out all over the floor”. He even realizes there is a positive side to having ADHD like creativity, fearlessness, and hyperfocus.

Dr. Wilcox’s unique perspective as both a mother and a neuroscientist allows her to discuss, parent to parent, the science behind ADHD from someone living in the trenches, learning to work with Andrew’s ADHD brain. Kristin discusses the significance of various aspects of ADHD and the theory and practices of the education and medical professions related to them, distinguishing inattentive-type ADHD from other subtypes. Two helpful appendices include a means for parents to “diagnose” the inattentive subtype of ADHD and a list of resources for parents and children with ADHD.

This book provides unique insights into ADHD behaviors and suggests highly pragmatic and successfully implemented strategies for children with the inattentive subtype of ADHD and their parents (with implications for educators and others). A must read!

“This swift and powerful read provided me a deeper understanding of my students, my son, and myself. I laughed, cried, and sighed with relief that we were not alone in our experiences with ADHD.” (Robin Almquist, mother & educator)

Kristin M. Wilcox (Ph.D., University of Mississippi Medical Center) spent over 20 years studying the pharmacological and behavior effects of drugs, including ADHD medications. She has published in professional journals and serves on the Executive Board of the Inattentive ADHD Coalition.

Andrew S. Wilcox dreams of a career at NASA or SpaceX. He has a black belt in karate, plays the trumpet, and has been making and selling origami since age 5. 

MSI Press  ISBN 9781957354026
Disability Parenting ADHD

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Release February 4, 2022

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