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Anaheim Tree Experts Helps Homeowner with Tree Planting Plan After Large Tree Removal Project


Anaheim, California – After suffering from the impacts of invasive trees for years, Joseph Kinney finally decided to remove the trees last week. After hiring Anaheim Tree Experts, the company reportedly did not just leave after bringing his trees down. The homeowner was impressed when the company went ahead and helped him create a tree replacement plan. 


“The family purchased this home at a ridiculously low price,” said Joseph. “The price was so low that the family could not understand why the previous owner was accepting such a low price. What the family did not understand is that the home just looked great from the outside. The previous homeowner was probably running away from the negative impacts the invasive trees were inflicting on his home.” 

The homeowner noted that all the trees that were on the landscape by the time he purchased the home were water-loving. This meant that their roots would crack the underground pipes just to access the water in them. 

“Every three months,” said Joseph Kinney, “the family would deal with a damaged underground water pipe. The plumbing services needed to fix the damage would always cost the family a minimum of $9,000 per year. Although the trees did have their value on the landscape, they were causing too much damage to keep around.”

To see how Anaheim Tree Experts maintains affordable tree service prices, read this story:

The homeowner told a group of reporters that when he decided to eliminate the damage on his landscape, he called several companies for a quotation. Anaheim Tree Experts reportedly beat 5 companies with its affordable price. When the homeowner dug deeper to understand the company, he realized that it had decades of experience and advanced tree maintenance gear. 

“Anaheim Tree Experts decided to offer the family a discount based on the number of trees to be removed,” said Joseph. “The company’s CEO noted that the tree removal cost would reduce as the number of the trees to be removed grew. True to his word, if the family had removed a single tree, the tree removal cost was quoted at $1,500. However, since the family was removing twenty 100-foot trees, the company offered a $50 discount on each tree – the family ended up saving a total of $1,000.” 

Joseph reportedly enjoyed watching Anaheim Tree Experts work on his trees. He told reporters that the company’s tree removal procedure was very effective. Its team of tree cutting professionals in Anaheim took all the necessary precautions to ensure the trees standing next to utilities did not cause any damage. 

“To remove the 20 trees safely,” said Joseph, “the company needed a total of 4 days. By the end of each day, the company removed 5 trees, pulled out the 5 tree stumps, and cleared the landscape of the waste generated by the tree removal procedure.” 

The homeowner was surprised when the company’s chief of field operations offered to help him create a tree planting plan. While the homeowner was hesitant because he thought he would have to pay for the plan, he was amazed when the chief of field operations indicated he was willing to help for free. 

“The company’s chief of field operations helped the family discover the trees that do well in this region of Anaheim city,” said Joseph. “He also helped the family understand the best places to plant these trees. What’s more, the company helped the family discover the more affordable tree nurseries in this region of California.” 

Joseph noted that he will initiate the tree planting procedure in the next two weeks. Following the plan created by Anaheim Tree Experts, the homeowner believes he won’t have to deal with the same tree problems he has been dealing with. 

Anaheim Tree Experts offices are located at 2429 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806, United States. The company, however, can be contacted by dialing +1 949-354-6174 and sending an email to [email protected]

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