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Amir Zandifar, a Top National Banker to highly regarded Direct Lender – Veritas Funding Scottsdale

Veritas Funding Scottsdale is an American Lending company. The brand is led by a team of highly experienced professionals with Amir Zandifar, the Branch Manager, overseeing its growth and prosperity.

Given that applying for loans is a meticulous, nerve-wracking process that doesn’t necessarily need to bear any fruit, more and more people are turning to direct lending. 

According to Veritas Funding, direct lending offers a series of advantages over traditional bank loans, including higher seniority and security, greater lender protection, lower potential losses, more upside potential, and generally more control. 

Furthermore, numerous research teams have proven that the compensation potential of direct lending is substantially more consistent and has been on the rise ever since 2015. 

Veritas Funding Scottsdale is an American Direct Lending company that, out of the care for their customers and community, wanted to create a safe, friendly customer-centric platform:

“A lot of things make Veritas Funding a great company to work with: our forward-thinking attitude, strong commitment to meeting deadlines, and sincere dedication to our clients’ happiness. However, what truly makes Veritas so special isn’t our principles of knowledge or service – It’s the fact that we genuinely value doing the right thing. Our number one priority is sticking to our morals, and even if it means losing out on a loan, we live up to the meaning of our name: truth”.

One of the many reasons why Veritas Funding Scottsdale is among the leading direct lending agencies in the industry is that it is backed by a team of seasoned professionals. The core team of Veritas Funding is comprised of Kia Katanchi, David Edson, and Sean McCann, led by Amir Zandifar, a top national banker who has joined the ranks of the most esteemed direct lenders in the century. 

Amir Zandifar states that the company was focused and fully committed to developing a “culture of transparency, support, and dependability”, the absolute essentials of leading any business. 

Amir’s care for the community and Veritas Funding Scottsdale’s customers can be seen in the approachability and deliverability of the brand. Namely, all customers, both actual and potential, are not just provided top-quality services but are also educated about their options, in addition to receiving the benefit of full-time customer support.

Veritas Funding Scottsdale offers FHA loans, conventional loans, VA loans, Heloc Brokered loans, USDA loans, down-payment assistance, and non-conforming loans, as well as various refinancing services, debt consolidation, and home improvement loans. 

The brand has continually served the nation and its global clients for over 15 years. Veritas Funding Scottsdale and Amir Zandifar are reaching out to first-time homebuyers, opening their doors to families and individuals who are about to make their first major investment in life:

“As exciting as it is to buy your first house, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the process at the same time. Here at Veritas Funding, we do everything we can to ensure your home buying process is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Whether you’re calling us for the first time, putting in your first offer on a home, or signing your final closing papers, we’ll be there to guide you toward the finish line and answer each and every question you may have.”

More information about Veritas Funding Scottsdale can be found on the brand’s official website.

Media Contact
Company Name: Veritas Funding Scottsdale
Contact Person: Amir Zandifar
Email: Send Email
Phone: (480) 400-7185
Address:4343 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 150, Office 164
City: Scottsdale
State: AZ 85251
Country: United States

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