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AMC Allstar: The Lady of Heaven’s Impact Across America

The Lady of Heaven, which premiered on December 10 in America, quickly gained momentum during its AMC theater run.

Directed by Eli King and written by Sheikh Al-Habib, The Lady of Heaven illustrates the power of patience and the value of peace. Academy Award winner John Stephenson OBE acted as the creative consultant. Executive producers Richard Rionda Del Castro, Abdul Malik Shlibak, and producers Matthew Kuipers and the Enlightened Kingdom rounded out the team behind this heartwarming film.


“The Lady is held dear in the hearts of billions worldwide, but her story has never been shared through film,” filmmakers explained. “Her story is a universal one that we can all learn from, teaching us the best response to corruption and power-hungry politicians. She is a powerful and important historical character that many in the world have never been introduced to.”

The Lady of Heaven features Ray Fearon (Beauty And The Beast), Christopher Sciueref (300: Rise Of An Empire), Mark Anthony Brighton (Doctor Strange), Denise Black (Coronation Street) as Bibi, and Lucas Bond (Summerland) as Jamal. Along with Sami Karim (The Looming Tower) as Khalid, Albane Courtois (Gentleman Jack) as Fatima Lanrawi, Matthew Brenher (Spy Wars) as Mukhayreeq, Chris Jarman (Tattoo Fixers) as Bilal, Yasmin Mwanza (Spider-Man: Far From Home) as Fidda, Dimitri Andreas (Layer Cake) as Salman, and Oscar Garland (Des) as Raed.

The film is a collaborative effort between diverse religious experts and an endlessly dedicated film crew. The production was a team effort between many creatives, united in the goal to tell the story of Lady Fatima, daughter of Prophet Muhammad, with the utmost respect and precision.

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Lady Fatima’s story is paralleled with that of an orphaned Iraqi child’s journey to overcome adversity and realize the power of patience amidst a battle-scarred country. As the young child finds safety in the arms of a doting grandmother’s home, he learns of Lady Fatima’s suffering as the first victim of terrorism and how her story has spiraled into the 21st century.

Prior to filming, the filmmakers dove deep into research in order to abide by these codes and show consideration to the communities in which “The Lady” originates.

“We put extreme time and effort to make sure the film is historically accurate so everything is backed by historical texts. Then you come to how those texts are interpreted, which is where the healthy conversations and differences that people may have,” said filmmaker Malik Shlibak.

“Her [Lady Fatima] position and reaction, along with her Holy family, was to be patient and not react in an unnecessary way or by physical means… A quote in the trailer says the most important thing in the world is about spreading peace. She remained on the patient stance, until the very end of her life. And that is a story that his Eminence wants the world to hear about because it’s very related to modern-day issues of ISIS and other groups.”

While this film came with its fair share of challenges and hurdles to overcome, the team behind The Lady of Heaven was determined to share her story with the world.

“There are 250 films on Jesus Christ, 120 films about Moses, 80 about the other Prophets, and 40 films about Buddha, but there are none about the life of Lady Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, until now,” filmmakers commented. “The Muslim community hasn’t seized as many opportunities as they could in film and media. The last major film pertaining to this history of Islam was The Message back in the 1970s. There have been some TV series, attempts at films and series here and there, but nothing significant has been done. It is not just about Lady Fatima, it is all that whole rich history; a missed opportunity. We picked the Lady because she is such a brilliant, fascinating woman, who all Muslims have a deep love for.”

The film touched many hearts through its AMC theaters run. Audiences across the states were captivated by the Lady’s story.

Said writer Sheikh Al-Habib, “This film conveys a message of love and a call to a better mindset when dealing with challenges. I am certain that, should humanity follow in the steps of The Lady, peace, justice, and equality will prevail and triumph. I pray for this to happen.”

Now preparing for its international release, The Lady of Heaven will soon impact global audiences everywhere.

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