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Aluminum Wiring Needs Repair by Specialists to Reduce Insurance Costs in Toronto

Aluminum wiring was popular in Toronto in the 1960s and the 1970s as it was a much cheaper alternative to copper wiring.  Aluminum wiring is still in use in many older homes in Toronto, but the homeowners pay more for homeowners’ insurance or even face some insurance companies that will not cover their properties.  Aluminum wiring showed problems and that became an issue in the past decades.  The issues were not horrendous, but all aluminum-wired homes must now pass an Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario inspection before a property will be insured. 

The issues included lights that flickered, overheating and discoloration of switch plates, switch plate warping, a rather rancid burned plastic smell around some switches, electrical outlet sparking and smoking issues, fuses that blew out routinely, and some other issues that were minor yet concerning to insurance companies and the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario.  Electrical fires and their prevention are a priority for the Safety Authority and for insurance companies

Rather than replace all the aluminum wiring with copper wiring, CSG Electric of Toronto can repair and amend any aluminum wiring that exists in a property either commercial or residential.  There are new methods now to repair old aluminum wiring that are acceptable to the Safety Authority and insurance companies, but any repair must be done by a WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) certified technician

CSG Electric has achieved the WSIB certification and can rapidly and affordably bring any property up to the code enforcement standards that now exist in Ontario.  This is a much easier and cheaper process than replacing an entire electrical wiring system in any property.  Safety is always a priority with CSG Electric, and a thorough inspection will ensue before work starts, to ensure that all aluminum wiring is found and indeed can be repaired.

In some instances, the aluminum wiring is too impaired to be repaired but CSG Electric prides itself on honesty and will consult with any property owner if this scenario should arise.  If repairs can be done to aluminum wiring, then cost savings over the course of a lifetime of insurance payments are well worth the cost of repairs.  If a property owner cannot find insurance coverage because of the aluminum wiring then repairs should progress as quickly as possible, as homeowners’ insurance is required by Canadian civil laws. 

As a spokesperson for CSG stated, “Not doing aluminum wiring repairs can result in fines and non-coverage by insurance companies, as well as present some safety issues.  At CSG, we do recommend that all aluminum wiring be repaired, especially if trying to sell a home as many individuals cannot purchase a home that has aluminum wiring since there are restrictions on it now.  Getting a loan for an aluminum wired property can also be difficult.” 

It is important for all homeowners in Ontario with aluminum wiring to seek repair from CSG Electric as soon as possible to ensure safety and save money on insurance.

About CSG Electric

CSG Electric, of North York, ON, has been providing electrical services and supplies for years now in Toronto and the surrounding areas. and are a premier provider with many satisfied clients.  Aluminum wiring repair with WSIB certified technicians is now available, and all work is performed in a timely manner.  An online form exists for quick contact and in home inspections are now allowable again.  CSG Electric is fully licensed and insured.  CSG Electric also sells all types of electrical supplies. 

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