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All the Axie Infinity rewards with none of the hassle.

All the Axie Infinity rewards with none of the hassle.

“Freedom Nation Co-Founders Adam (L) and Andie (R) empowers individuals to reap the rewards as Axie Infinity’s “Play to Earn” managers.”
With all the hype about the potential of the metaverse, the layman still finds it tough to take the leap. Freedom Nation creates a unique sponsorship system that bridgeds individuals into the gamer managing economy. After curating and purchasing the needed NFTs, Freedom Nation vets, recruits, trains and manages the players without sponsors having to handle players personally. Sponsors have a hassle free journey while receiving regular payouts and reports of how their teams are playing

With the advent of the “Metaverse” and a growing “Play to Earn” ecosystem, more individuals have been excited to see how they can take part in this new economy and to explore alternative streams of income through their participation. New businesses have also been built, aggregating digital assets and managing players to generate revenue.

The most popular games have millions of players, such as Minecraft (over 140 million monthly active players) and Roblox (250 million monthly active players). By and large however, while there may be other monetisation opportunities, these games have not given players the chance to earn while playing.

This is unlike Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity was launched in 2018, and now has more than 2 million daily active players. Players form teams of 3 NFT (non-fungible tokens) pets known as Axies and win tradable tokens through completing daily challenges and battles. These tokens, known as SLP, are tradable for actual fiat currency (cash). In countries where earning opportunities are limited, the amounts that can be earned by playing Axie Infinity is not insignificant. For example, many Filipinos look up to 22 year old John Aaron Ramos, who bought 2 properties solely from his earnings through playing Axie Infinity in 2021. This is also why players from the Philippines occupy 40% of the entire Axie Infinity player database. They have already started to recognise that making an income from playing games is legitimate work that can improve their quality of life.

However, not everyone has the resources to afford the upfront costs required to start playing the game, and the process of starting up as a profitable player can be beyond the reach of many. As prices of Axies rise with the demand and popularity of the game, a starting team (of 3 NFTs) required to play the game can cost more than 1000 USD. Even prior to this, players will also need to have knowledge of cryptocurrency wallet transactions, bridging assets to the blockchain and purchasing the right team with the right attributes and skills. Players also have to keep up with continual updates to the game which may influence game mechanics.

Some “managers” try to bridge this gap by grouping players together, “managing” them and providing them with resources and knowledge to begin. However, managers face multiple operational tasks – a manager will have to first qualify the right players to onboard, teach them, manage their daily performance, replace them when they do not do well, and make sure they are paid accurately and securely in a timely manner.

This is where Freedom Nation comes in. Since its conceptualisation and commencement in mid-2021, Freedom Nation has given many aspiring managers a hassle-free way to enter the metaverse. Long term rewards are now accessible to many more untrained individuals with the Freedom Nation team providing services to manage new players, including their onboarding, training and compensation. Freedom Nation assists qualified managers (known as Sponsors) to acquire and rent out their Axies to trained players, in return for a cut of their winnings. Based on the requirement of the individual Sponsors, they can choose to take ownership of the NFTs under their management at the end of the agreement, use them for future earnings or sell them in the open market for additional profits.

Freedom Nation has over 400 active and shortlisted Scholars (eligible players who have been trained) under Sponsorship in November 2021 and is expecting to double that amount before the end of the 1st Quarter of 2022. They have also generated over SGD 500,000 worth of distributions for its stakeholders and that number is set to rise sharply over the months to come. These numbers are not inclusive of potential gains from the sale of the NFTs under management.

Freedom Nation foresees a future where everyone will spend more time in the digital world. This gives rise to an opportunity for wealth distribution that will change the lives of many, as long as they wish to take a bold step forward. Sponsors can create life changing opportunities for players who may not be in the most favourable work environments or communities.

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