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Alfa Tax Service Modernizes Services to Accommodate the Changing World

Alfa Tax Service Modernizes Services to Accommodate the Changing World
This company offers tax services for today’s new workforce, which consists mainly of freelancers and e-commerce business owners.

The Great Resignation has prompted many professionals in the workforce to rethink their careers. For those who go to work daily, freelancing has been a viable work-from-home option. Some managed to start their own e-commerce business and have successfully launched their brands online.

Becoming one’s own boss is the new mantra, giving today’s individuals the power over how much money they can make on their own. However, despite this movement, individuals should still embrace the need to file and pay taxes no matter what income they bring in monthly. Doing this can be tedious and confusing, especially to people who are not well-versed when it comes to filing their taxes. Alfa Tax Service, a tax preparation service in San Antonio, Texas, knows the challenges that freelancers and e-commerce business owners face when dealing with their taxes. To help them eliminate the stress when filing tax documents, the company introduces its modernized services to accommodate their needs.

“Alfa Tax Service has transitioned into a modern workspace where we can meet the client halfway. Whether they want to do it themselves, and just need our assistance to look it over, or they just want it done for them; we can help regardless of where they live. We have our mobile app for convenient uploading and signing of documents. We also have on-site drop-off services for the clients who just need to see a face. Our goal is to meet the needs of the current economy while helping our clients navigate the tax system,” Kathy Alfaro, CEO of Alfa Tax Service

The company not only works with the new breed of entrepreneurs and business owners in properly tracking their business income and expense transactions. It also ensures they understand how and when to structure their business for the best tax advantage.

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About Alfa Tax Service

Alfa Tax Service is the leading tax strategy services provider in San Antonio, Texas. Founded by a tax expert and business consultant Kathy Alfaro in 2009, the company strives to make the filing of tax documents easier for individuals, families, and business owners. She leads the company’s team of highly trained and knowledgeable tax preparers and bookkeepers who help maintain business books and minimize tax liabilities.

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