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Aireagóir announces Sustainability as a Service for 2022

Aireagóir, a Cloud Services Integrator (CSI) company is pleased to announce our participation in – Sustainability as a Service – an opportunity for our client companies to meet their sustainability goals by doing something real and tangible with us and our ag partner

(PRUnderground) March 16th, 2022

Aireagóir, a Cloud Services Integrator (CSI) company is pleased to announce our participation in  – Sustainability as a Service – an opportunity for our client companies to meet their sustainability goals by doing something real and tangible with us and our ag partner. Through a partnership with Infinite Agriculture, Aireagóir is doing something meaningful directly with farmers and those who support them to not only raise awareness about sustainable practices, but to foster it directly with tangible solutions, content, and results for the planet. We have 100 acres available for sponsorship in the first allotment for the first phase of the program that runs through June 30, 2022. Details provided to qualified parties upon request.

The 2022 Sustainability as a Solution program:

With a qualified purchase of product or services, Aireagóir will sponsor acres to drive the sequestering of carbon, CO2 gas removal, cleaning of soil, preserving and increasing bee populations,  all while conserving water in one of the largest watersheds in North America producing crops that will feed, house, and clothe mankind.  ‘We’re opening up a partnership opportunity with our clients and prospects to do something meaningful and quantifiable in the sustainability space’ said Grady Johnston, CEO Aireagóir. ‘When we learned the crops sequester as much carbon as a tree, and because it uses a fraction of the water and fertilizer to grow it compared to other crops, it was an easy simple decision. One that we decided to open up to customers with ESG goals and requirements’.

Companies who partner with Aireagóir will benefit from:

1.       Acres that are dedicated to them. This means that they receive something uniquely theirs. Regardless of what the number of acres is, the data, the pictures, and experience will be undeniable, as is the experience of building a community around the actual practice of sustainable living.

2.       Access field side for marketing videos/content to be shot in addition to what is produced for visual impact and content by Infinite Agriculture.

3.       Access to leadership for speaking engagements, or other corporate sponsored events where the story of the sustainable practices is told and tied into the tenets of partner companies.

4.       Participation in the inaugural group will be helping us build out the models, goals, and innovations to build on this program and proliferate it far and wide so that companies have a direct meaningful relationship as close to crops and the earth as possible.

Companies can show their actual results and commitment towards something meaningful and measurable that will have impact for generations. It’s a corporate flex that’s good for everyone, and unlike #NFT’s, everything in this program you can see, touch, and feel.

The program is open to any company with a sustainability goal and intent to do something real. Size and cost will vary and the number of acres available is limited for this inaugural program If the program sells out quickly we will open it up and find as many opportunities to proliferate the model and the benefits as we can in a second planting and/or expand the program in 2023.  The initial phase of this program runs through the end of June 2022 for the first 100 acres

About Aireagóir

Aireagóir is a Cloud Services Integrator (CSI) that helps clients maximize the power of the cloud to drive agility and innovations for their hybrid IT estate. The organization aims to meet clients wherever they are in their technology and cloud journey, supporting them in achieving their business, and their digital transformation goals, including ease of migration and maximizing security.

Aireagóir is headquartered in the Las Vegas, NV with additional sites across the US. Find out more at www.Aireagó

For more information, please contact:

Greg O’Conner

Tel: 8337370411


About Infinite Agriculture

Infinite Agriculture is an Oregon based Agricultural Holding company. Their family of companies includes Basin Fiber, a wholly owned subsidiary. They operate in the Columbia Basin of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest.

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