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Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. Offers Air Duct Cleaning in Delray Beach and Hallandale, Florida

Air duct cleaning is essential to breathe clean and fresh air inside the home.

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Coral Springs, FL — (ReleaseWire) — 05/13/2022 — Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. offers a wide range of services related to air quality control in Crossville, TN, and Miami Beach, Florida. Indoor air can be full of tiny particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander.

As the air conditioner or furnace draws air, it also pulls in airborne particles. Over time, such contaminants build up inside the ducts, reducing airflow and re-circulating throughout the living space. Much like air conditioners and furnaces, air ducts also need proper cleaning and maintenance to perform at their best. Not cleaning the ductwork can lead to health issues, dirty rooms and surfaces, and high energy bills. As residue builds up inside an HVAC system, it decreases its efficiency and makes it harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Hence, the heating and cooling bills go up the HVAC system would use more energy than it ideally should.

Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. is one of the most prominent service providers of air duct cleaning in Delray Beach and Hallandale, FL. Their air duct and dryer vent cleaning services are comprehensive. The air purification systems of the company are fairly priced and warranted. The staff members of Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. can clean any duct system using a combination of tools, including cable drives, air sweeps, and whips, as well as HEPA filtered vacuum and brush systems. They carefully clean the main trunk line, sanitizes all the register grills, and finish with a bacteria-killing treatment. Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. additionally favors industry-leading products registered with the EPA for their processes, like LEED Green Rated Fiberlock IAQ8000 and Fosters 20-40, an antimicrobial coating for HVAC duct systems that have been proven effective for decades.

Give Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. a call at 954-345-5821.

About Air Quality Control Environmental Inc.
Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. is proud to be South Florida's independent air quality authority. Since 1991, they have been providing businesses and homeowners of the area with excellent duct cleaning services.

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