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AI Delivers Peace of Mind for Pool Owners

With temperatures across the United States and Europe soaring past record highs, summer is already on full blast this year. The silver lining is that the number of backyard pools surged during Covid, so more families than ever need only step outside to cool down. But even as some family members get wet and wild, others are headed back to the office or stuck in the home office on Zoom, creating anxiety around the safety of their free-ranging toddlers and pets.

Hordes of kids are running around unsupervised as schools empty out until fall’s cooler weather. Pools are a source of much-needed relief and fun — but also of temptation. House rules may not be enough to keep little ones away from the water, especially on a sweltering day. And parents and pet owners have reason to worry. According to the American Pediatric Association, the plurality of injury-related deaths in children ages 1-4 are water-related.

Now, a startup is stepping in with a virtual lifeguard of sorts.

Sam Weitzman, the inventor of PoolScout, came up with the idea of a remote pool monitor when he was playing in a community pool with his son Joshua. “I happened to notice him struggling underwater and unable to resurface,” Weitzman recalls. “Realizing the margin for error was so small and the consequences so severe, I started to explore solutions that could provide a smart, but commercially viable way, to make that error margin as large as possible whilst being reliable and broadly accessible.”

PoolScout marries two ubiquitous technologies: cloud computing and artificial intelligence, or AI. PoolScout uses a single camera and a proprietary cloud-based system to constantly monitor the pool area, detecting and tracking toddlers, people, and pets. If PoolScout senses an unattended toddler or a pet, it sends a notification via an app to the owner’s smartphone, while also activating the alarm unit.

Weitzman stresses that PoolScout is not a replacement for constant adult supervision, nor for pool fences and gates, which are mandated in many places. He does say, however, that AI adds another essential layer of protection which is essential for peace of mind.

“Our AI uses unique core algorithms and neural networks to run real-time video analytics,” Weitzman explains. “It constantly learns from previous detections and new test cases. If an event is reported as a false alert, the AI learns from this to improve future detections.”

The PoolScout app also livestreams the pool area in real time, so parents don’t have to wonder if the system is active and working. Weitzman says that the advanced technology will detect whether a toddler has been left unattended in the pool area, giving adults plenty of time to react before a dangerous situation becomes an emergency.

That’s not all. “When an unsafe scenario is detected, the app actually displays the most relevant actions you might need to perform,” Weitzman adds. “It also displays your emergency contacts, so you can reach those people immediately, even if you freeze or panic.” Behind PoolScout is Deep Innovations’ ScoutX platform which allows these AI capabilities to run 24/7 in real-time and most importantly, at scale.

Weitzman hopes that his innovation will keep toddler and pets safe this summer while giving their parents some much needed peace of mind. With temperatures and prices rising to record highs, he thinks that adults will have plenty to worry about in the coming months. The family pool, he says, should not be another stress point but rather an oasis — somewhere to cool down and, above all, unwind from the stresses of the outside world. In other words, the pool area should not just be the coolest place in the home but the safest.

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