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Agon Introducing A New Single Release: “Prove It To Yourself”

Agon has recently announced the release of a new single: Prove It To Yourself. The track has a very powerful motivational feel, and it also features a chorus part in Russian, inspired by the artist’s own son. This song inspires people to push themselves to get inspire and overcome their challenges!

Agon is an artist and songwriter who managed to develop a very interesting and original sound by combining elements of modern hip-hop and the old-school greatness of the golden age. His music is quite creative and one-of-a-kind, but it feels very accessible and easy to relate to for people of all walks of life, even for people who aren’t necessarily core hip-hop fans. What makes it so catchy and relatable is the fact that Agon actually speaks to people of all walks of life with his lyrics. His upcoming song, “Prove It To Yourself,” has a title that’s pretty self-explanatory: the song is a heartfelt encouragement for people to take a leap and truly embrace their full potential, proving to themselves that they can indeed overcome all of their hurdles and hardships through life, even when it might seem impossible to do so! It’s important to show up for yourself every day and create your own inspiration through life.

This song is also quite special for Agon on a personal level. He was inspired to do it by his older son, who actually asked him to sing a part in his native language, Russian. The chorus, which is performed that way, hits the mark emotionally, and it also brings a powerful, yet melodic flow to the rhythm.

One of the most notable qualities of this release is the outstanding quality of the mix. The production is on-point, and every sound is balanced, allowing for a smooth and rewarding listening experience. Agon’s vocal style is very distinctive, so the clarity of sound makes it all the more easy to appreciate and connect with. “Prove It To Yourself” is highly recommended to fans of artists such as  J. Cole, Eminem, Joey Bada$$, and Juice WRLD, only to name a few. This track feels like a truly perfect introduction to Agon’s style, as well as a perfect taste of what it means to make high-quality modern rap music in this day and age.

Find out more about Agon, and do not miss out on “Prove It To Yourself”. This new release is going to available on the best digital streaming services on the web starting from February 8th, 2022, the date of Agon’s son’s birthday!

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