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Adclickmedia CPA Ad Network Re-Launches With Added Features For Marketers & Affiliates

Abe Cherian, Founder, CEO Adclickmedia

Leading company Adclickmedia has announced its move to re-launch its CPA Ad Network on June 23, 2021, focusing on verticals in the Personal Growth and Wellness Industry.

“We are very excited to launch our new CPA Advertising Network in the Personal Growth & Wellness verticals. Our team has been working very hard for over a year to develop a platform that is easy for affiliates to navigate,” says Abe Cherian, Founder, and CEO of Adclickmedia. 

Abe says the company’s main focus is to help companies and affiliates with innovative and alternative products and services spread their message and grow a global audience.

Redefining the Affiliate Marketing Industry

Adclickmedia is a PPC & CPA Advertising network for brands and affiliates based in Austin, Texas. 

With brands and affiliates around the world, Adclickmedia is leading the way for a global movement in the Affiliate Marketing Industry to make transparent business practice in the CPA Industry a standard.

CPA stands for Cost per Action, an online advertising marketing strategy that enables an advertiser to pay for a specified action from a prospective customer. 

“The CPA model is one of the best suited paid advertising options for companies as they only pay for a valid recorded action towards their advertising goals set by them to enhance sales,” Abe explains. 

Abe founded Adclickmedia together with his wife, Martha Cherian. The two have been in the online advertising and marketing space for more than two decades.

“We work along with a team of successful repeat entrepreneurs and investors, with the vision and operational expertise to identify trends and support brands and affiliates through their growth and scaling processes,” says Martha, current Affiliate Manager of Adclickmedia. 

Martha says Adclickmedia’s mission is two-fold: help innovative and alternative brands in the personal growth and wellness industry and assist affiliate marketers in generating sustainable income from anywhere in the world.

Martha Cherian, Affiliate Manager Adclickmedia

Adclickmedia can help marketers reach brands and affiliates in 17 targeted categories: Apps & Installs, B2B, B2C, Beauty, CBD & Hemp, Contests, Cryptocurrency, E-Commerce, Educational Products, Entertainment, Forex, Games, Green Products, Internet Marketing, Personal Finance, SaaS, Self Help, Travel, Weightloss, Wellness, and Yoga & Meditation.

Martha says Adclickmedia network works directly with content creators, bloggers, and website owners who attract the type of audience you are looking for.

“We recommend our affiliates to promote your offers to their audience on a regular basis. You pay only for desired results,” says Martha. The CPA Affiliate Network continues to empower marketers and partners with top affiliates worldwide. 

Adclickmedia was a Pay-Per-Click ad network serving a broad advertising market from 2009 to 2019.

In 2019, the company had decided to close in taking new affiliates and advertisers and started focusing its attention on Personal Growth and Wellness industry, a $52.5-billion market.

Gjorgi Kukuvikov, Advertiser Manager of Adclickmedia, says the company wanted to expand its advertising model to other types of performance-based advertising, such as the CPA model.

Gjorgi Kukuvikov, Advertiser Manager Adclickmedia

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Contact Person: Abe Cherian
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Phone: 18886746168
Address:7303 Two Jacks Trail
City: Round Rock
State: Texas 78681
Country: United States

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