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A new form of web3.0 investment platform, AlfaDAO, will be released to the market soon

Ever since its first launch in 2016, DAO has been a very popular form of organization in the recent years. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), through the application of blockchain technology, along with the decentralized management of the funds, talents, and resources; DAO has become a new norm and an enabler for the new age investors to invest and participate in many innovative investment opportunities that no one has ever thought of before.

For example, there is a DAO called Constitution DAO, which, it attempted to bid and purchase the original copy of the U.S. Constitution at an auction. In a very short period, it attracted 17,437 contributors and has crowdfunded over $47 million for this project. Unfortunately, they were not able to acquire the Constitution afterwards, as the billionaire Ken Griffin had outbid them at last.

Besides the above attempt, there are some new age investors who have create a DAO to acquire soccer teams in the English Premier League. And as well, there are investors who have create a DAO to buy a piece of land in the United States. In short, DAOs, through a completely new philosophy and technological approach, can replace almost all traditional forms of companies and organizations.

AlfaDAO, being one of these web3.0 investment platforms, shall introduce a series of smart contracts, that is closely working with each together, to foster the exponential growth of its DAO’s Treasury and its token value. With the well-designed financial infrastructure ecosystem, AlfaDAO will soon stand out itself with a very high growth rate and offer a unique investment opportunity to the market.

AlfaDAO is a DEFI platform built by an international team. The core team is composed of members from USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai; and the whole programming team have been engaged in web 3.0 development since its introduction of the concept in 2014 by Gavin Wood, Ethereum’s co-founder.

In the due course, AlfaDAO shall issue a reserve asset currency named AFA through a set of algorithmic reserve asset token protocols. The token owners of AFA will not only get high returns through staking, but they shall also receive huge dividends from DAO’s participation in various high quality web3.0 projects.

At the same time, under a set of pre-defined algorithm, the idled fund in the DAO’s Treasury will automatically be allocated to engage in various risk-free smart contracts; hence, there will be constantly an additional portion of risk-free return to be shared back to the token holders of AFA as well.

AlfaDAO is sure that with 1) Returns from staking, 2) Dividends from DAO’s other DEFI projects and 3) Risk-free return from idled money from the Treasury, will helps us Tops the APY% among all other crypto.

In 2022, AlfaDAO has already acquired a $15 million property assets from a major financial institute and plans to sell them through smart contracts in the form of NFT bonds in our marketplace later.

Furthermore, AlfaDAO has already formed strategic partnerships with several major investment funds in the blockchain industry, and AlfaDAO will be able to act on their shared information and be further accelerated on future projects and investments.

AlfaDAO will be one of the powerful game changers of web3.0, which is a big revolution on Earth in terms of creative destruction on all aspect of economy; including new form of organization structure, new form of peer-to-peer information flow, and a decentralized financial system. And this is evolving rapidly, join us and change the world together!

For more details, you are welcome to visit and join our discord community to participate in our upcoming DEFI projects.

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