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A big airdrop for a token created to help children in need – The Usaveme Token

Usaveme is a platform that helps children in need all over the world. The company just launched a new XRP token, called Usaveme Token. To promote this token and to increase the noble cause of feeding the children, the company is hosting an airdrop.

USA – To stay up-to-date with the world’s most modern trends, while leading a charitable cause, Usaveme has launched an XRP token. This new token, titled Usaveme Token has been gaining quite some attention from investors all over the world. That’s because this token is backed by a charitable and noble deed. In order to let people know more about this token, Usaveme is holding an airdrop in the recent future. This event for the next big airdrop is a step in the right direction.

The token airdrop will feature a maximum of 25,000,000 Usaveme Tokens. These tokens will be distributed to holders of Usaveme in the XUMM airdrop. The maximum limit of Usaveme tokens per holder has been set to 1000 tokens. Interested people can register for this XRP airdrop through Usaveme’s website to take part in a revolutionary charitable cause. Anyone that holds 10 Usaveme tokens will be able to participate in the Usaveme Token airdrop. Additionally, the company has also allowed a 5:1 ratio for those holding more than 100 tokens. For example, holding 500 Usaveme Tokens will yield 2500 tokens.

Under this platform, people can sponsor deserving children using cryptocurrency. Usaveme acts as a link between a sponsor and the receiver of this donation, which can be a child, organization, parent, or guardian. Usaveme takes steps to provide complete shelter, food, healthcare, and education to such children.

Usaveme is striving to help the children of the world get a better future. With the COVID-19 pandemic, children in poverty are facing humiliation, discrimination, and seclusion from the rest of the world. Usaveme was created to bring all the warm-hearted people on a single platform and do something positive about the well-being and prosperity of such disturbed and displaced children. By registering for Usaveme Token, each registered child or organization will be able to enter their Crypto wallet or Paypal to receive the donation.

A spokesperson from Usaveme said “Sponsorship money and donation will not go to the Usaveme platform, and we will not charge a percentage, and 100% of the money will go to the child or organization. We are a for-profit platform that will use Usaveme tokens to maintain the website and to hire and pay the employee. 20% of the token will be distributed to verified and approved organizations and groups.

About Usaveme:

Usaveme is a platform that supports underprivileged children and takes great steps so that they can appear ahead of the fast-moving world. The platform aims to provide food, shelter, healthcare, and education to poverty-stricken children all over the world. By making use of cryptocurrency, Usaveme allows people to sponsor a child.

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Company Name: Usaveme
Contact Person: Bertrand
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Phone: 305-907-1144
City: Miami
State: FL
Country: United States

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