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Top benefits of Developing Applications from Oracle VBCS

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service is an efficient Oracle platform that enables swift web and mobile application development ensuring end-to-end security.


Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service is an efficient Oracle platform that enables swift web and mobile application development ensuring end-to-end security. Oracle VBCS offers a convenient option to access data from REST-based services. Due to this, it is easy to create reusable objects for data storage and management. VBCS is a simpler way to develop any kind of application without the need of any expensive software. Moreover, you can leverage the visual designer as it is a drag-and-drop platform which is a faster way of app development. The drag-and-drop feature is one of the most revered arrangements in Oracle integration as it allows businesses to connect with different third-party systems.

Due to the rise in demand for user centric applications, enterprises are keen to go with options that are cost-efficient yet provide top of the line features for ease of staging, publishing and maintenance. Oracle VBCS comes with a range of features to solve these issues by offering a secure solution for hosting, staging and deploying applications with ease. Using the visual builder cloud service, it is possible for developers to build and host sustainable, intuitive applications on the Oracle platform.

Developing an Application using Oracle VBCS


Oracle VBCS emphasizes reducing the development workload by following a visual method of application staging, development and publishing. There is no need of installing bulky software on the system as the development and runtime environment is securely hosted in the Oracle cloud platform. It is easy to access these applications from a web browser.

Applications in VBCS can be developed using the amazing drag-and-drop tool which comes with inbuilt UI components and can make the most of Oracle JET (Javascript Extension Toolkit). Due to this, it is easy to create visually stunning yet functionally capable applications with the help of design layouts and data visualization.

More often than not, businesses want native applications for both iOS and Android platforms, and VBCS offers a responsive template to build hybrid applications with the look and feel of native applications. Another type of application preferred by users is the Progressive Web Application. It is possible to use this app on any device without requiring the user to actually install it on the device. Using VBCS, you can create intuitive progressive web applications with ease.

Now, using the declarative approach from VBCS, developers can easily simplify the data objects and the entire application logic. It is easy to import/export data in the VBCS app from excel files and reusable components make it easy for the app to be used again. The entire end-to-end application development lifecycle including staging, development, testing and deployment is managed by the intuitive VBCS platform. The advantage of using this platform is that multiple teams can collaborate (developers, testers etc).

Leveraging Oracle VBCS for SaaS Extensions

VBCS is one of the best options for businesses looking for Oracle SaaS extensions. For example, the development team can make use of the service catalogue to access custom data objects and relationships that are important in SaaS apps. Due to the secure Oracle Cloud platform, applications are simplified and can be merged together.

Advantages of Application Development using Oracle VBCS

Oracle VBCS has a wide range of features for designers and developers to maximize their productivity and have access to the source code at any point in time. Moreover, it is possible for the development team to perform end-to-end application development, staging and publishing using the secure Oracle Cloud platform.

Some of the core advantages of developing web and mobile applications using the visual builder cloud service platform are as under:


  • Effortless Data Import and Export – VBCS comes with a number of data management tools for efficient and effortless data import and export and end-to-end management for business-critical data.
  • Drag and Drop feature – Visual builder cloud service provides intuitive drag and drop functionality to build dynamic applications without the need to code each and every element. It saves important development time which can then be allocated for research and development of new ideas.
  • Staging/Publishing – It is important that businesses get an efficient platform for the swift staging and publishing of applications. Oracle VBCS is an amazing platform that can provide staging/publishing benefits for developers and reduce the overall efforts and complexity of the delivery team.
  • Identify User Access – User access and management is simplified in the VBCS platform. Every user gets restricted access and it can be managed by the concerned manager accordingly.
  • Team Collaboration Capabilities – Teamwork is essential to complete complex projects on time and offer the desired outcome to the customers. Using the VBCC platform, businesses can ensure that the teams have enough opportunities to collaborate on critical tasks and work from anywhere as every change is saved on the Cloud.

Final ThoughtsWe hope that by going through the above information, it is easier for you to understand the vast capabilities of the Oracle VBCS platform. Now, if you are a budding application developer or want to make a switch to VBCS, this information will help you determine how to make the best use of the visual builder cloud service.

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