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8 Brilliant SEO Plugin Tips for WordPress Website Design – Adeniyi Adeniji

WordPress SEO plugins can boost the visibility and ranking of your website when used correctly. Add them to your WordPress website and watch your website’s traffic and rankings improve.

75% of Google Search users never go past the first page of results. Optimising your site for the SERPs is essential for attracting relevant, organic traffic.

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The keywords you choose, as well as the size of your files, and the readability of your material, are important factors to consider.

The correct WordPress SEO plugin might be useful in this situation. It may provide data on backlinks, keyword ranks, and significant statistics—strategies that can raise your rankings.

Your SEO, marketing, and sales teams will be able to work more effectively together if you use an SEO plugin to make your optimization chores faster, more effective, and even automated.

For your new website, here are our top recommendations for WordPress SEO plugins.

1. Yoast Search Engine Optimization

Yoast is a fantastic, all-in-one plugin that is user-friendly and offers a variety of SEO capabilities. Here are some of the fantastic capabilities that this programme provides.

2. Redirection

The WordPress plugin repository offers a free download of the Redirection plugin. It helps with the maintenance of your forced redirects, which prevent users from seeing a 404 error message by forcing them to go to a new URL in place of a defunct one.

3. Easy Table of Contents

Readers may quickly get to important material by using the table of contents created by the Easy Table of Contents SEO plugin. Additionally, it features an automatic capability that inserts an HTML table into your web posts or pages, creating internal linkages on the page.

4. WP Super Cache

Today, page speed is an important ranking element. You may increase site performance by using the WP Super Cache plugin. Simply install the plugin and enable the caching options are all that are required. The remainder is handled by WP Super Cache.

Using tools like GTMetrix or Pingdom Tools, this plugin enables you to measure the loading speed of several web pages on your website.

5. Really Simple SSL

Google’s search engine is not required to display non-secure websites at all. The domain-recognition of the SSL address in WordPress must be configured; this is not a chore for novices, even though you may buy and create an SSL Certificate through hosting providers. Websites having a secure connection (HTTPS) with an SSL certificate will dominate the ranks.

6. Monsterinsights

If you don’t monitor the performance and analytics of your website, which is exactly what monsterinsights is fantastic for, all of your seo efforts will be for naught. If you don’t monitor your website’s performance and analytics, all of your seo efforts will be for naught. The user-friendly dashboard of this wordpress seo plugin contains data from google analytics.

7. Rank math

With a snippet preview, you can also improve meta descriptions and titles, which lowers the likelihood of serp display issues on search engines like google. Without forcing you to leave the wordpress dashboard, rank math offers real-time information about your content. This plugin has been speed-optimized for greater performance, meaning it won’t slow down your website’s loading time. Another great wordpress seo plugin is rank math.

8. WP internal link juicer

Your website’s internal link structure may be optimised with the help of the WP internal link juicer plugin. This plugin enables automated linking between phrases and keywords you use in comments and posts and the pages, categories, tags, and articles on your blog.

Granting plugins access to your website is never without danger. Unfortunately, there are a lot of alternatives available to you, including possibly damaging plugins that might,

  1. Have readily exploitable weaknesses
  2. Not be supported or obsolete
  3. Be incompatible with the site’s current plugins or code, which would break the site.
  4. Not enough testing has been done
  5. Or, in rare instances, a hoax designed to access your site.

Therefore, before installing any plugins, you should always have the developer of your website perform a review of them.

WordPress SEO plugins can boost the visibility and ranking of your website when used correctly. Add them to your WordPress website and watch your website’s traffic and rankings improve.


There is no reason why your site shouldn’t fly to the top of Google Search and even get listed at the top of Google Snippets with the appropriate plugins and SEO Company Dubai tactics to enhance search traffic!

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