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70% of employers plan to welcome freelancers in 2022

The post covid world has seen a significant shift where more and more employers and workers are considering freelance opportunities. 

The 2022 ‘Freelancing in the USA survey in the American region revealed that 78 percent of respondents plan to do freelance work in 2022. The biggest motivation is earning extra income. There are various options for Startup Payments Processing in the USA, helping freelancers grow their business globally. 23% of freelance explore more career opportunities. 21% want to acquire new skills, and 11% want to practice what they like.

The survey clearly shows that freelancing is experiencing a real surge as both talented professionals and businesses turn to this mode of work in more significant numbers. There has also been an increase in the various methods for Entrepreneur Best Payment Processing In USA. 70% of the respondents said their company plans to hire freelancers in 2022.

The fastest-growing industries for freelancers in 2022 include Digital Marketing (37%), Information Technology (20%), Customer Service (12%), Accounting, Banking and Finance (12%), HR, and Recruiting (10%), and Graphic Design (10%).

As technology advances, companies and businesses worldwide quickly adapt to working online, ultimately attracting more hidden talent. 66% of survey respondents say that their company always or sometimes offers a full-time job to the freelancer after completing a project.

Although the traditional expectations of US workplaces have transformed, many professionals are opting for change. States’ professionals are increasingly building flexible careers on their own terms, based on their passions, desired lifestyles, and access to a much broader pool of opportunities than ever before. It remains committed to connecting freelancers and businesses to help them grow in today’s digital world.

In 2022, Freelancing in the USA aimed to gather opinions from the increasingly skilled workers jumping on the freelance bandwagon with increasingly convenient Freelance Payment Methods,  making freelancing a much more stable source of income for people.

According to the survey, outsourcing provides multiple benefits. They are suitable for contingency planning, providing extra help for small teams or departments, which is cost-effective. This has led companies to be aware of the Best Payment Method for Freelancers to form a good relationship. Companies are looking into international payment providers like MSK Payment Solutions.

Companies in many sectors are facing fast-moving challenges in this digital world, and they have to scale quickly in a way they may have not done before. That’s where hiring freelance talent comes in.

Data for the 2022 freelancing trend in the USA survey was collected online from January 18 to February 18, 2022. Results are based on 1,764 respondents from countries including California, Los Angeles, Florida, Texas, Utah, Arizona, New Jersey, Kansas, Delaware, & South Carolina most prominently.

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