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7 Facts You Must Know About Web Application Development

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are game-changing applications in the current digital age.

Application development is experiencing consistent growth with new trends and technologies coming forward in the current digital era. Web application development has gained a lot of attention lately, mainly because of the seamless experience it delivers to end-users. It is becoming quite a necessity for most online marketing companies today as it’s the basic building block that maintains the hold of your websites. Additionally, web applications engage users and prioritize responsive interactions, boosting the UX of consumers.

Now, let’s explore some exciting trivia about web application development, including fantastic facts about web development and other elements that directly affect the website’s performance.

Source code affects search engine rankings.

Web indexes read the source code of your website. If you want your business website to stand out from the competition, it is fundamental to make the code SEO amicable. Many developers do not keep this critical point in mind while writing the codes, but each word added to the website significantly impacts search engine rankings.

Source code should be written considering SEO guidelines as it increases search engine rankings. For instance, Google picks up ranking signals from different HTML elements; thus, a particular focus must be given to page titles, meta description tags, structured data tags, and more.

Two third of web usage is on mobile devices.

The rise of smartphones has tremendously changed how users reach out to a website. According to research reports, two-thirds of users use smartphones to browse the internet, so make sure your service provider optimizes the website to deliver a delightful experience.

You can use CSS flexbox or other tags, which automatically change the page as per screen ratio and don’t compromise quality. Also, maintaining a proper communication with the smartphone audience is beneficial in the current market landscape. Additionally, you can include chatbot features as they might play a good role in maintaining communication.

The life expectancy of a website is three years.

Digital space constantly evolves, ensuring that every aspect of the internet changes itself in a few years. So, a website designed and developed three years back must be upgraded to the latest technology available to deliver an optimum level of user experience. In the current landscape, technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and blockchain have begun impacting business websites.

Constant nurturing and modifications per trends are necessary to catch the audience’s attention. Top companies are fuelling their sites with new-age technologies and adopting data-driven approaches to get higher visibility into the system.

The first impression is the last impression.

Ensure that your website is best to the viewer’s eye with an adequate background theme, fonts, icon designs, color combinations, animations, layouts, and webpage sections. It takes less than a few seconds for a user to make his/her view on the organization by its initial experience through its web page. This is why first impressions matter the most in the current digital landscape.

The content layout, background theme and design play a significant role in retaining the viewer’s attention. It will help you create a good impression and might also lead to conversion. A website must be detailed precisely, i.e., a chat or newsletter subscription pop-up on your home page must be placed after analyzing the viewer data.

Site templates can be a restriction.

In the ever-evolving website application development market, pre-developed templates have become a standard, especially for those who do not have a superior understanding of coding or do not want to spend ample time developing the website. Although it’s a good idea and the easy way out, it limits your capabilities to use specific design elements that can enhance your website.

Top web development companies are leveraging evolving technologies to build healthy relationships with clients and use attention to detail to deliver projects on time and within budget. Here, we have mentioned some amazing facts about web app development that will help you build better web solutions for your business.

Additionally, website templates can occasionally lead to swell coding, which decreases the website’s credibility. This is why while developing web applications, you must focus on using planned components that directly improve your ranking and rate of user retention.

Your readers simply scan the website.

Most users that visit websites scan the website, and only a handful read the text word by word. A report by Nielson Norman group states that 79% of test users observed the website, and only 16% read what’s actually written on the website. This implies that websites must employ scannable text using highlighted keywords, meaning sub-headings, bulleted lists, and limited yet meaningful content.

For instance, if your copy isn’t formatted adequately for skimming and scanning, website visitors might lose interest and choose the following option in the search result. This is where you must ensure that quality graphics, outbound hypertext links, and good writing together form a substantial copy.

PWAs are game-changing

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are game-changing applications in the current digital age. Like any web app, PWAs reside in a web browser; however, they combine desirable features of both native and hybrid applications. They work offline and possess excellent loading speed, which breaks the mold of what a web visitor or smartphone user anticipates. Due to the cross-platform capabilities of PWAs, they are more alluring and follow extensive performance criteria.

Wrapping up!

Hope you liked the above facts shared above. The best way to develop a web application is to partner with a top web app development company that matches your budget and requirements. Choosing a development partner is essential in enabling a plan to add value directly to your business. Conduct in-depth research on top companies and filter them based on their portfolio, skills, team size, and budget. Also, most enterprises copy popular websites in the market even when there is always room for experimentation and new ideas. Make sure to try new designs and other things without interfering with facts.

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