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Introducing Investment science, a boutique consultancy that provides purely objective advice and higher ROI on invested capital

Investment science is a boutique consultancy that provides purely objective advice with no strategic ties to vendors, delivering long-term results while offering a much higher ROI on invested capital.

Start-ups and businesses in financial services, technology, economics, and real estate usually set out into their chosen markets fueled by ample enthusiasm and positivity. This may take them far, but to truly succeed in competitive markets it is prudent to have a tangible long-term business growth consultant in place. 

The unfortunate truth is that many start-ups, small companies, or even established firms may fail or falter because they have not taken this crucial step. Without it, a new business can reach a plateau far sooner than expected; this stage may even be a death knell, yet it is possible to turn things around quickly by implementing the ideas of strategic intelligence firms like Investment science.

Investment science is replete with a team of experts who boast decades of experience in relevant fields of service. The company’s services are tailored to a wide array of sectors including Banks, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Private Equity Groups, Investment Services Firms, Real Estate Syndicates, Limited Partnerships, Family Offices, and Finance Departments, NGOs, ESG Initiatives, and Fortune 500 companies. The company is open to clients and customers within these sectors, ready to take their businesses to the next level with their impeccable services.

Speaking about their services, the company founder, Michael Kelly, said, “Our unique solutions are designed to address your unique needs without compromise because of vendor limitations. You simply receive the best, most efficient and effective solution. At Investment Science, we believe that today’s business environment demands more for their consulting investment.”

Michael Kelly is writing a book around finance, economics, financial history, inflation that may be released next year. With his vast knowledge, pedigree, and a decade of expertise working within banking technology and transforming organizations holistically across people, processes, and technology, the book will undoubtedly be an eye-opening bestseller. 

While other firms claim to be a know-it-all, Investment science is noble and professional enough to state they are limited. “It’s important to note that we only work with clients that we can actually help. Investment Science will never take on a customer when we do not possess the skill set. If Investment Science feels you would be better off with another firm, then we will be honest and tell you that upfront. It’s not all about the money, rather it’s about the result”, remarks Kelly Mike. 

Perhaps, a pointer to Investment Sciences’ efficacy is the rave reviews their services have elicited from clients. “Mike Kelly is a rare breed of professional who combines deep financial industry expertise, sharp project management abilities, minute understanding of market microstructure, and brilliant programming capability. As a testament to his penchant for continuous learning, he has always found a way to remain ahead of the curve on multiple dimensions. I would highly recommend Mike as a subject matter expert and implementation manager for any project around trading and risk, especially complex ones.” — Maomao Hu, Partner / Eigen Capital. 

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