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AiTerminal Announces Its Rebranding for a Futuristic Vision

Explore the exclusive range of AiTerminal’s WFH setups for the elimination of the lethargic WFH environment.

Ontario, California, United States – Working from home has become the new norm for many employees. A new ground-breaking company is making this process more convenient than ever by reimagining work-life balance for office workers.

Science has revealed that people who live a sedentary lifestyle have a higher chance of dying from heart disease, and a correlation between long-time sitting will also increase chances of developing diseases such as spine disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.

“While working from home, many have blurred the boundaries between work and life. Now, we are here to redefine them, connecting work and life in a sensible way.” Says a representative of AiTerminal, “We encourage everyone to embrace the infinite possibilities of tomorrow and leap ahead to reposition yourself for the future.”

Holding a futuristic vision, AiTerminal aspires to become a trailblazer of work-life integration. Ultimately, they aim to refine modern living for a healthy and fulfilling work life by integrating cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design.

At AiTerminal, every invention has a purpose – to help workers get into a happy workflow and inspire a breakthrough in productivity and lifestyle. The flagship products offered are standing desks, intelligent desks that allow the user to transition from sitting to standing all at the touch of a button. Other advanced ergonomic products include ergonomic office chairs, cabinets, and other desk accessories.  They offer competitive prices for top-quality products; major products include a 5-year warranty.

Made for innovative and forward thinkers who are used to sitting in front of a laptop causing them physical discomfort; however, they desire a healthier and more intelligent way to work. Typically, such people are software engineers, graphic designers, students, researchers, etc. Other target segments include but are not limited to: technology enthusiasts, home decoration lovers, fitness people, etc.

Meet AiTerminal’s one-and-only Two-Tier Omni-desk – a standing desk that promotes an unlimited ergonomic workspace by splitting the WFH essentials between the lower and upper tier. The advanced dual-motor contained in two-tier Omni Desk makes a powerful lifting system with overload protection. Built on a family-oriented design, two programmable memory settings make customization possible for family members in the home office.

Another ground-breaking invention from AiTerminal is AiTerminal’s Vintage Designer Standing Desk, a height adjustable desk that pays homage to timeless American vintage style with a splash of modern technology. Other than its unique appearance and craftsmanship, the programmable memory settings of the Vintage Designer Standing Desk coupled with silky smooth movements of the powerful lifting system are functional features that make the product shine.

AiTerminal’s standing desk frame for DIY is a unique offering allowing creative types a chance to create their own desk.  This WFH Pro 2 Standing Desk Frame is empowered to lift essentials up to 264 LBS. Adhered with the advanced anti-collision technology, this height-adjustable standing desk enables the safety of the belongings by unleashing unlimited possibilities to shape the future workspace with own choice.

With the finest quality engineering and timeless commitment, AiTerminal is determined to reinvent the way people work and more importantly enjoy work. Head over to AiTerminal’s newly launched website to refresh perspectives on how work from home can become more effective with a perfect work-life integration.

About the Company:

AiTerminal offers the WFH prerequisites to revolt from the traditional office space to establish a successful marriage of work and life.

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City: Ontario
State: California
Country: United States

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