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Crypto Trading Masters Course Announced by World’s Largest Technical Analysis Firm

GAINESVILLE, Ga. – The cryptocurrency markets are notorious for volatile price swings that present significant opportunities and risks. To help traders navigate these fast-moving markets, Elliott Wave International — the world’s largest independent technical analysis firm — will host an immersive 30-day Crypto Trading Masters online course beginning on April 6, 2021. Registration details are available on the company’s website.

The course combines live sessions with recorded materials and real-time analysis to show participants how to identify high-confidence opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets and then generate a trading plan to act on them.

“We designed this course so that any trader could understand it and apply it,” said Jason Lureman, a market manager at Elliott Wave International. “Whether you’re a professional or just beginning to trade the markets, this course will show you practical strategies that you can use to spot setups that most traders would miss.”

Participants will learn from the lead analysts in the firm’s cryptocurrency and foreign exchange forecasting services. The instructors have more than 75 years of combined real-world experience in the financial markets.

“These analysts have helped literally thousands of traders to find their feet in the financial markets over the years,” said Lureman. “Now they’ve taken all of that experience and distilled into one course the core approaches that they’ve found to be the most effective.”

The course is 100% online and available to traders all over the world.

Elliott Wave International has a long history of forecasting the cryptocurrency markets. The company told its subscribers that bitcoin was “the future of money” in September 2010 when the coin traded at 6 cents. Today, it trades near $55,000. A dollar invested in bitcoin when the company first spoke of it would have been worth $1 million this month.

The company has also anticipated substantial price action to the downside. For instance, in a December 21, 2017 interview with Newsmax, an Elliott Wave International analyst said of bitcoin, “I wouldn’t touch it. The risk of collapse is too great.” The coin fell 32% over the next day and would lose more than 81% over the next year.

Today, memories of that decline are scarce as crypto euphoria has returned. Traders looking to master objective, time-tested methods of navigating emotional markets can learn more about the Crypto Trading Masters course and register at Elliott Wave International’s website.


For more information about Elliott Wave International, contact the company here:

Elliott Wave International
Dave Allman
[email protected]
PO Box 1618
Gainesville GA 30503

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