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Senior Care Center Is Drawing Attention To The Potential Growth Of The Real Estate Industry In Providing Housing For Seniors

Senior Care Center is drawing attention to the potential growth that the real estate industry can achieve by providing housing for seniors. Senior Care Center has shared an article by Derek Peever, the principal at PeeverConn Group of Companies, to make its point about the possibilities awaiting those who enter the industry. The writer has over 60 real estate transactions under his belt since 2006 and runs 5 active businesses.

The article says that it is an opportunistic time to be a real estate investor. Since the writer of the article is from Canada, they cite the statistic that currently 10 to 15 percent of Canada’s population is aged over 65 and that number is set to double in the coming decades. This will change the real estate landscape. The writer then goes on to mention the “Aging In Place” concept as an important driver of change in the way real estate is viewed and invested in.

Aging In Place is defined as the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age or ability level. Since only 5% of Canadian seniors are estimated to move into senior care homes, the potential for Aging In Place will lead to a rise in demand for related products and services.

It is still an open question of whether the new or renovated homes, certified with Aging In Place renovations, will sell for a healthy profit, rent for a reasonable premium, and will they improve the quality of life of seniors across the country. It is most likely that all of those things will happen if the residences are located in a fundamentally strong real estate investment area and offer a good alternative for new retirement homes. Anyone can seek a senior care advisor from Senior Care Center to find a safe and inviting senior care home for their elderly loved ones. Readers can find out more about their service in Fullerton by heading over to

Seniors will usually live within a 10 square mile radius of their kids and grandkids. The most significant factor was close proximity to the eldest daughter. Strong job and population growth are also a signifier for a healthy population of seniors. The founding partner of Canada’s largest seniors housing, REIT, shared that Calgary is the number one underserviced seniors’ housing market in Canada, with 98% occupancy compared to 87% nationally. The founding partner also feels that assisted living requirements are the biggest challenges facing the seniors housing industry.

The industry is keeping an eye on existing independent living, assisted living, and long-term care facilities. The facilities are evolving as the needs and expectations of the boomer generation replace the current generations of seniors. The market is already moving towards two-bedroom suites with the guest room/office/studio, independent kitchens, and in-suite laundry. The onus is on entrepreneurs and future senior care facility owners to make their property enticing enough for retirees to choose assisted living as an option.

Senior Care Center concludes that there are a lot of potential growth opportunities in the senior care industry. Though the examples cited in the article shared by Senior Care Center are Canadian, the same principles and trends are applicable for the eldercare industry in the United States. Regardless of whether a property owner owns just one condo, owns a high rise, specializes in downsizing services, works in security, provides healthcare services, is a realtor or a mortgage broker focusing on working with seniors, there is a way to make headway into the business and turn a sizeable profit.

Senior Care Center is a consortium of advisors who work to help family members find senior care homes for their elderly. The center’s senior care advisors provide advice, help choose facilities, help in the application process, and finally can even help the seniors move into their selected facility. Contact information for the Senior Care Center can be found at


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