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SAN MATEO, CA, March 23, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Openprise, the leader in data orchestration solutions, today announced the availability of Openprise App Factory, the first solution that enables RevOps teams to quickly create custom applications to search, report, graph, edit, share, and load data without writing any code. App Factory applications deliver self-service access to data supporting go-to-market processes like territory assignment and lead routing, lead scoring, segmentation, campaign attribution, list loading, and hundreds more.

App Factory is part of the Openprise RevOps Performance Platform, which enables RevOps teams to orchestrate data, processes, and interactions to improve the performance of every go-to-market initiative.

“Data that’s stored in disparate silos isn’t available to marketing and sales teams to drive go-to-market initiatives, greatly diminishing the ROI of an enterprise’s data and technology investments,” said Ed King, CEO and founder, Openprise. “This is data’s ‘last-mile’ problem—where one of the final hurdles to overcome is the orchestration of user-data interaction to make the data more accessible to more people in ways that are easy to consume.”

Openprise solves the technical challenges around aggregating, enriching, and transforming large volumes of data from different sources, enabling RevOps teams to easily orchestrate this data into a go-to-market-ready format, and delivering relevant data to support campaign initiatives and other business needs for the broader organization.

Openprise App Factory lets RevOps teams create custom self-service apps and specific business processes tailored for each team, including demand generation, sales operations, professional services, channel marketing, product marketing, and community—making data more accessible to more people in ways that are easy to consume.

Unique to Openprise, App Factory makes it easy for RevOps teams to:

• Create custom apps without writing any code. After orchestrating data and processes in Openprise, in as little as five minutes, RevOps teams can create highly customizable applications that enable users to easily access and interact with data and data-driven business processes.

• Deliver anytime data access to end users with self-service applications. Delivering targeted data via automated, self-service applications to the users who need it, frees RevOps teams to focus on projects with higher strategic value, leads to faster SLA fulfillment, and enables faster decision making for end users.

• Unify data across CRM systems without investing in an expensive data warehouse or Customer Data Platform.

• Enable two-way data interactions. Unlike traditional business intelligence tools, App Factory bidirectional capabilities enable users to both read and edit data in RevOps systems, including CRM, marketing automation platform, without requiring direct access to those systems.

“By delivering self-service access to marketing data via custom applications, Openprise App Factory represents a modern approach to unifying and presenting data to the people who use it to support marketing and sales initiatives,” said Dominic Freschi, Jr., Supervising Senior Data Administrator and Analyst, Marketing at Armanino LLP.

The following examples illustrate the types of applications RevOps teams have built using Openprise App Factory:

• Account Segmentation: campaign managers can target specific segments based on data from Salesforce, Marketo, and free trial campaigns.

• Marketing Attribution: directors of demand generation can view campaign performance metrics to determine which ones are worth the investment.

• Sales Territory and Routing Rules: sales operations managers can build new lead routing rules and account assignments to reflect a new sales team structure.

• Customer 360: PR managers can quickly search through all their customers to identify those using a specific capability and are potential advocates.

• List loading: data consumers can easily load files into App Factory that automatically sync with their systems of record—without needing direct access to those systems.

Additional Resources

• For more information on Openprise App Factory, visit our website.

• Connect with Openprise via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

• For news, updates, and executive perspectives, visit the Openprise blog.

About Openprise

The Openprise RevOps Performance Platform elevates RevOps into a performance multiplier by orchestrating data, processes, and interactions to improve the performance of every go-to-market initiative. Openprise is a single, no-code platform that can help to simplify even the most complex RevTech stack. For more information, please visit

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