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Supreme Air Product manufactures new generation of compressed air products to improve industrial efficiency.

Supreme Air Products aim is to incorporate quality and effectiveness into everyday production. They strongly stand behind their products from the moment they are produced to the moment they are taken out of use. All of their products come with an unmatched warranty and their goal is to build a long-lasting partnership with all of their customers.

Supreme Air Products provides the best products and services at affordable pricing.  The line of products is extensive and as safe as can be.  Application engineers and installation experts are trained fully.  Safety is always a top priority as it should be. Their expertise in blow off and drying applications is second to none. Their Regular Air Knives are used to blow-off liquid from 1 Liter soda bottles. With the elimination of water, labels are now able to properly adhere. Before installation of the Air Knives, customer estimated they wasted 3 – 5% of their labels. At thousands of bottles per day, this cost can quickly add up and increase production efficiency and reduce machine downtime.

Many other products such as Cooling / Heating, Blow Off, Vacuums / Conveying, Static Control and accessories are modern technologies targeted to improves process and maximized production efficiency. Their Air Wipe System is used to blow-off excess water from an extruded plastic profile. The split design unlatches easily to eliminate tedious threading. The circular flow of air from the air wipe gives a forceful, even flow that circles the extruded profile, completely removing water/dirt/etc.

Their products such as Air knife, Vortex tube, Cabinet cooler, Air wipe, Cold air gun, Air amplifier, Air Conveyor, Drum pump, Air nozzle and Air jetprovide modern solutions for ongoing issues across a wide variety of industries. Their company also focuses on sustainability by maintaining environmentally friendly operations and offering energy saving products to their customers.

At Supreme Air Products, honesty and transparency are the top priorities when it comes to their products and information that they provide. Referrals are the best feedback their customers can give, therefore they strive to be the leader in customer satisfaction by providing exceptional service and ensuring a great overall experience.

Supreme Air Products understands that all compressed air products supplies must meet heavy standards for the utmost in safety.  Faulty product supplies, services or installations can lead to hazards.  These types of issues are preventable, but caution must be used.  A great way to ensure the utmost in safety is to purchase supplies from Supreme Air Products or have them service and/or install any type of compressed air components within a property, either commercial or residential. 

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Company Name: Supreme Air Products
Contact Person: Michael Owens
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Phone: 1-800-470-7202
Address:5-2324 Hurontario Street Suite 184
State: Mississauga L5A 4K4
Country: Canada

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