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Lenos launches an English website to allow people to get monetized and reach organic YouTube traffic

It has been a difficult year for everyone and people had to spend more time at home and trying to find new hobbies or income opportunities on the Internet. In fact, if most companies suffered this complicated year, most online platforms had a traffic spike. YouTube was the clear winner, getting 16% of the total internet traffic share in 2020 (it was just 11% in 2019). In april 2020 they also had to lower the default quality of the video to 480p because too much bandwith was being used. And as YouTube traffic increase, many people also started a YouTube channel out of passion or to have an extra income.

(PRUnderground) January 8th, 2021

The Covid-19 crisis and its surrounding lockdowns have put many people’s work lives at least partially on hold. While this has been extremely difficult overall, it has also given people the time that they previosly had not to start online hobbies, and becoming a content creator on YouTube was the most popular path.

The most popular niches were vlog and gaming – due to their simplicity to start a channel and the fact the videos could be recorded at home. Gaming especially, had its best year ever according to YouTube itself. This is what they said on their blog:

“The world has faced its share of challenges in 2020. Despite the ups and down, many have turned to gaming on YouTube as a way to find connection, entertainment, and to share moments with friends and loved ones during these trying times. Through it all, we’ve connected even more deeply with gaming creators — some even had their biggest year ever on YouTube in 2020. We now have over 40 million active gaming channels and, globally, there were over 100 billion hours of gaming content watched on YouTube!”

But, even if YouTube generates over 1 bilion views per day as stated in their latest report, competition is extremely high and it’s estimated that about 80% of uploaded videos do not reach more than 1 thousand views in the first 12 months, which discourages many new talents to keep producing videos.

YouTube nowadays is no longer just about passion and entertaining others, as it used to be in its early days. Many new creators join the platform to have an extra income – and as covid had people temporarely lose their job – many people tried to turn their passion and creating videos for the platform into a profit.

But for this reason, and to prevent users to place ads on content they do not own, since a couple years YouTube wants YouTube channels to meet certain requirements prior to get their channel reviewed for YouTube Partner Program.

In fact, to get a channel monetized it is now necessary to reach at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours in a 12 months span, which as you can imagine, is not that simple.

Lenos, since they opened to the international market, has now a variety of services to help in this matter and help new content creators rise. A focus goes on their managed YouTube Ads campaigns to drive pertinent, real traffic and a watch hours service that allows channels to reach 4000 hours in a short time and monetize their videos.

Luca, the CEO of Lenos, said in an interview: “I was truly happy when after a few months of work we could finally get our services out to everyone. We had noticed how the international market lacks effective youtube marketing strategies and if they are, they have exagerated prices. For this reason, when Covid arrived, we decided it was the right moment to put all the effort to finalize this transition”.

“And so far, customers satisfaction has been great which motivate us to push even more forward”

To learn more about this company and their services, you can visit their website

About Lenos

Lenos is an agency from Italy which focuses only on YouTube marketing. It was launched in early 2019 from two friends, a succesfull YouTube content creator and a developer. After growing day by day getting recognized as one of the best startups of the year, 2 years later they decided to take their YouTube services and strategies “abroad” and their services are now accessible to english speaking people too.

About Lenos

Lenos is YouTube marketing agency from Italy oriented to a real & organic approach and get channels monetized.

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