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Commence Corporation: The Benefits Of Using Cloud CRM For Better Ticket Management

Eatontown, NJ-based Commence Corporation would like to reach out to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to discuss the benefits of using Cloud CRM for better ticket management.

Commence Corporation is one of the leading providers of Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for local businesses. Cloud CRM is a system where all CRM tools, software and data is hosted on the Cloud and can be accessed through the internet. Cloud CRM is flexible, affordable and easily integratable, which makes it a good option for SMEs. The Cloud CRM that Commence Corporation offers is used by numerous companies for streamlining their front office business processes. This helps in organizing customer data, improving sales efficiency, generating new business, providing high quality service and making informed business decisions which lead to a direct impact on sales execution and customer service. Commence Corporation’s Cloud CRM is easy to use and quick to deploy — even without the intervention of programmers — making it a top option for growing businesses.

Commence Ticket Management Benefits

Commence Corporation’s Cloud CRM can be used for ticket management systems that allow for easier and better organized ticket management. Through the use of the Commence CRM system, each ticket is documented carefully within the software. This allows teams to easily access the information they need whenever it is required. The software is also designed to be easy to understand, which allows users to intuitively use the information they gather to turn leads into consistent customers. The Commence CRM system also gathers customer data from multiple channels, enabling the ticket management system to collect detailed customer information that includes their purchase history, buying preferences, concerns, pain points and frustrations. The software then combines the gathered customer information with other documents into a single CRM database for easier access. This information can then be used to optimize sales processes and improve customer service. Users can also customize the software to include points of contact, such as the company’s website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials and social media.

As noted on their website, Commence Corporation strives to consistently improve their Cloud CRM systems and add more useful functions to their software. Some of these features include the ability to record customer interactions over multiple channels, automate workflow automation processes and track performance and productivity. These functions are useful for further optimizing efficiency because they allow customer data to be stored, calls to be made, emails to be sent and several other business processes to take place without having to step out of the Cloud CRM Systems.

Commence Corporation’s CRM system has many other useful features, such as customer profile software, customer segmentation software, sales tracking system and project management. Their system can be used in all kinds of industries, ranging from insurance and wealth management to manufacturing and distribution. Those who want to learn more about Commence Corporation’s Cloud CRM services may check their GMB listing for more details.

Peter Shoon, CEO of System Support Solutions, shares high praise for the platform in a testimonial featured on the Commence Corporation website, “We were looking for a system that would become our core process for automating and managing sales. Our use of Commence CRM has done several things for us. First, it helped us to streamline our sales process from initial prospecting and logging of information to document management, quoting, support incidents and contract administration. Our decision to purchase Commence CRM was primarily based on its easy GUI and customizable views of information. I highly recommend this company and its product. Commence CRM has saved us perhaps $300k/year for 12 years, or a little over $3 million.”

Hans Wegman of Memocom says in another featured testimonial, “We had three specific requirements for the selection of a CRM system. First, a quality product from a company with a track record for successful implementations of their product and a return on investment. Next a trusted hosting service so that our data was protected. Lastly, a company that you could call and get assistance when required. Commence has met all three expectations. The product is much more robust than similar offerings, the hosting service is best in class, and the customer support has been excellent. I highly recommend Commence CRM.”

Those interested in Cloud CRM services may visit Commence Corporation’s website for more details. Clients may also check out the company’s Facebook page to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


For more information about Commence Corporation, contact the company here:

Commence Corporation
Larry Caretsky
+1 732 380 9100
2 Industrial Way W, Eatontown,
NJ 07724, United States

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