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Richard Halbe Releases New Book: ‘Car Dealership Marketing’

Richard Halbe's “Car Dealership Marketing” Paperback a Must-Read for Car Dealers Facing New Market Challenges

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan – December 30, 2020 – (

​Richard Halbe, a seasoned marketer and business executive who has been involved with the automotive industry for years, recently released his new book “Car Dealership Marketing.” Here, Halbe talks about the unique challenges car dealers today have to face and how they can handle such obstacles, stay afloat, and avoid losing their business.

Business owners need to have car dealership marketing knowledge and plan accordingly. Every dealership must set attainable goals, formulate strategies, and create and execute tailored marketing plans to effectively reach and engage their audience. Frequency and sequence must be taken into account in marketing programs. Results need to be tracked, measured, analyzed, and adjusted accordingly based on market response.

Halbe emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong online presence and enhancing the customer experience. Car dealers need to pay attention to the kinds of media they utilize to communicate with their audience. They should harness the power of social media marketing and use it to their advantage, especially now that the various platforms available already have the data and insights needed for targeted ads, promotions, and other types of content. 

Aside from keeping a laser-sharp focus on marketing, car dealership owners must also offer above-average general services and stellar customer service to remain competitive. 

Halbe says that the focus of dealers today should be on retaining existing customers and attracting/satisfying new ones, not just getting leads. This can only be accomplished if car dealerships have a strong automotive marketing strategy that is tailored to their audience and in keeping with the times. 

More importantly, they need to be ready for more innovations and shifting trends that will test the resilience of their business. Halbe predicts shifts in vehicle ownership and further growth in timeshare or fractional vehicle ownership arrangements and ride-sharing apps like Uber, among other things.

The book covers specific topics that impact auto dealerships discussed in the following sections:

Strategy and Planning

Traditional Marketing Is Dying

Social Community Engagement

Social Media Marketing – Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Digital Marketing – Getting Leads

Shifting Your Business Online


There are more insights and gems to be learned in this exciting new book, so car dealers would do well to get their hands on a copy ASAP. 

For more information on Richard Halbe’s book, “Car Dealership Marketing,” please check it out on Amazon. 


Richard Halbe

(306) 999-0078

[email protected]

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Richard Halbe Releases New Book: 'Car Dealership Marketing'

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