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How Money Avenue, LLC Is Disrupting The Banking Industry And Bringing Their Clients More Wealth

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2020 / We're used to our banks and financial institutions being immovable, sturdy, and rigid. But now, with advancements in remote technology we know are possible given the pandemic, there's no reason for banks to evolve with the times. The bank at the forefront of this change right now is Money Avenue, LLC, the Fintech Bank, led by CEO and founder A. Donahue Baker.

"Money Ave is, first and foremost, a digital bank. We offer banking that is faster, cheaper, and better than traditional banks. We offer our clients quick, personal loans up to $10k that can be made in as little as 3 hours. And, on top of that, we don't nickel and dime you with fees," Donahue says.

Money Ave is one of the first banks to offer wealth-building services in a way that helps to create more entrepreneurs and real estate developers. Unlike traditional banks, they understand that there are many underserved communities that are in dire need of banking services. As we saw during the shutdown due to the pandemic, many brick and mortar banks began to close, first in the communities that needed them most. Thankfully, Money Ave is able to fulfill the need created by offering people an alternative solution for their financial and banking needs.

"It's the same trend that has disrupted the retail space. Every year more and more people shop online to the point it has disrupted retail stores. Money Ave sees that trend and while we know it is a challenge to get some of our customers to bank digitally, we see that changing year after year," Donahue explains.

Customers know they will be able to trust Money Ave for their accessible banking experience because Donahue has the experience to back his business, including over a decade of experience as a CPA. Through his lived experience, Donahue came to realize that having access to capital through a bank is one of the key tools to creating generational wealth. In his own communities, however, this was increasingly inaccessible. Donahue knew he would be able to make a positive difference in his community by increasing access to capital in communities that needed it most.

Through his hard work, Donahue has seen a real shift in mindset in the communities he's serving.

"In order to build wealth, generational wealth you have to understand how to use debt safely and effectively. Our bank is built on that principle. Changing the mindset of everyday people, getting them to think about entrepreneurship and real estate. In the process, we are watching people go from thousandaires to millionaires with the help of our education and services," Donahue says.

With the right leadership, Money Ave has been able to overcome the multitude of obstacles that come their way. The largest of which, Donahue points out, is getting the exposure for their services.

"Many people don't know what they don't know, and so exposure is a challenge. Rapper Killer Mike recently launched a similar digital bank and that has been getting national coverage. We launched and have really grown via word of mouth, and with only that, have earned our place as the 9th fastest growing Fintech in the country," Donahue says.

As one of the growing forces in their industry, Money Ave is able to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a full range of services in one place. Whereas their competitors will force their customers to shop around and build their range of services on their own, Money Ave is able to offer high interest savings and checking, fast personal and business loans, residential and commercial real estate lending, insurance products, and business credit and consulting services, all in one place, saving them time, money, and labor.

In the near future, Money Avenue will be offering digital banking services that include high interest savings and checking accounts, residential & business lending, and insurance products with the aim of creating more entrepreneurs and helping everyday people to build long term wealth.

"With our help, Money Ave brings our customers financial freedom. This allows them to be in charge of their own destiny," Donahue explains.

Be sure to check out all of Money Avenue's services at their website.

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