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Malik Hall, the “Guardian Angel” of Boosting Credibility, Talks Experience and Empathy

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2020 / The best way a business can thrive is by building relationships with their clients, something that credit expert Malik Hall has been doing with Universal Credit Clinic. Taking his credit experience before starting his company, Malik has successfully established his reputation with others going through similar dilemmas.

Born and raised in Kirkwood, Georgia, Malik spent his childhood in the urban community with little to no guidance about financial guidance. Like most people, his concerns were directed towards getting food on the table daily. Without the proper financial guidelines, Malik would face financial hardships that negatively impacted his credit score in the summer of 2018.

Having just come out of college, Malik Hall had a poor credit score. He would work to fix his credit score, but rather than settling on his original score, Malik aimed higher and sought to improve it. Having made up his mind, Malik started reading and doing credit research. He would also learn how one could repair it. It was only after Malik had a full understanding that he reached out to different creditors and managed to get three credit bureaus to remove the negative items they found on his credit score.

Malik Hall remembers the embarrassment he felt when he was going through the experience. It was one of the lowest points he had gone through. Malik was able to overcome the obstacle and decided from then that he would help others overcome their credit problems. Knowing the importance of credit, Malik created Universal Credit Clinic to allow people to obtain what they want and maintain their lifestyles by removing their bad credit.

Universal Credit Clinic is a company based in Florida. With his company, Malik has assisted clients from all over the United States, even helping clients in Canada. Regardless of where they're from, Malik Hall wants to help people. He has even assisted public figures and celebrities in improving their credit score. Despite having a range of clients, Malik strives to treat all of his clients equally, giving them the information they need without sugarcoating anything.

The company started to thrive when Malik began sharing more about the importance of good credit among his then-peers. Universal Credit Clinic began to grow in reputation, with Malik getting dubbed as a "guardian angel" for helping everyone in need of credit consulting in the U.S. He and Universal Credit Clinic provide services like credit consulting, specializing in the disputing & removal of negative errors and inaccuracies that include medical debt, student loans, evictions, bankruptcies, and more.

Malik separates himself from other companies by connecting with his clients on a personal and professional level. Other creditors and credit repair consultants get into the industry simply because they have the knowledge to thrive. Still, Malik has gone through many trials and tribulations that his clients undergo. When they approach him with their problems, he can relate and empathize with them in a way that his competitors cannot. As a result, Malik takes care of each task passionately.

Having already established himself in the industry, Malik Hall foresees continuous growth for the company as they continue to help clients. Find them on Instagram or search the hashtags #MalikHall, #MalikFromTMobile, or #MalikTheCreditGuru on the platform.


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SOURCE: Universal Credit Clinic

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