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Cornhole Boards Sets Now Available At Backyard Games USA

Cornhole enthusiasts can now buy cornhole board sets at Backyard Games USA.

Cornhole games have become popular in recent years. This has led to professional tournaments and professional cornhole leagues. Most people looking for cornhole boards are interested in backyard games and parking lot challenges. Backyard Games USA has announced that they will be selling cornhole boards sets which include a cornhole board and its bags.

According to the website, “As the cornhole game grows in popularity, so does our cornhole board inventory. We only sell the finest tournament grade cornhole boards that are crafted with ACA specifications. We follow the 24 inches by 48-inch size that can be used in official tournaments and leagues. These boards are made using premium materials to give you the cornhole game experience. High-resolution cornhole boards -To make sure that you are enjoying your favorite game, we only imprint our cornhole boards with high-resolution images that reflect your interests. We already have boards that carry different images and you can choose from animal images, drinks, and spirits, military and hunting, motorsports, NFL colors, oceanic life, patriotic, police 1st responder boards, wedding designer, among many other interesting images.”

The company also sells customized cornhole boards and cornhole bags aimed at people who would like a more personal feel when playing their favorite game with friends and family. One can get an unfinished board that allows them to do their own customization as long as everything is kept to standard.

For more information about cornhole boards, cornhole bags, and cornhole accessories, visit the Backyard Games USA website.


For more information about Backyard Games USA, contact the company here:

Backyard Games USA
Backyard Games USA
[email protected]
20623 Amherst Ct, Joliet, IL 60433

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