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Meet the Founders of VerseBooks, the Facebook of Music Compositions powered by Blockchain

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 7, 2020 / Imagine not having to go through the tedious process of acquiring or selling intellectual property in the music industry. Instead of the complicated traditional method, the entire process will be finished after a few clicks. Using a revolutionary app, you can skip the lines forever and say hello to the revolutionary new way to acquire and sell music licensing.

Versebooks is the music industry's first social marketplace and community for licensing music compositions, including lyrics, hooks, audio vocals, and master recordings. VerseBooks can be used to acquire, manage, monetize, and market music intellectual property, which anyone can use. In short, it's like Facebook, but for music compositions powered by blockchain technology.

This innovative app was created by Ryan Larry and Delence Sheares Sr. Interestingly, they both hail from Ohio with strong histories in the music and entertainment industry.

Ryan, the current President of Versebooks, is an executive music producer with a highly successful career. He has managed many artists throughout his career, including Trippie Redd, who is also originally from Ohio. Delence, the lead developer of VerseBooks, is the former Chairman & CEO of Fight Tyme. He specializes in conditional predictability, mobile app development, smart contracts, and blockchain technology.

VerseBooks was inspired by Ryan's connection with an A&R who brokers verses in Los Angeles, CA. "As an executive music producer, I have catalogs that I own from various artists, both mainstream and unknown. My A&R buddy licenses verses I own for substantial money. I knew that there was a demand for licensing verses, just no platform to facilitate the social, commercial model, and framework. One day, I was speaking to Delence about apps and gave him the idea base for VerseBooks. After that, it was officially under construction," said Ryan.

VerseBooks is not only supporting music producers and songwriters; it's redefining the music creation process while defending artists as well. Remember the time when Taylor Swift denounced Scooter Braun? VerseBooks aims to prevent such conflict using the power of smart contracts and blockchain technology. VerseBooks enables a unique connection between songwriters, artists, labels, and producers via a social-economic platform, enhancing the music creation and licensing process.

How it works is very simple, a user downloads the VerseBooks mobile app and creates a user account. The user then has the option to use the VerseRegi tool to register their music composition in lyric form or audio master on the VerseChain, which creates a smart contract. The smart contract contains all of the metadata such as the songwriter's details, composition's title, lyrical content, license type, license fee, and the timestamped signature on the VerseChain. The VerseChain is the decentralized public ledger (blockchain), which is the backbone of the VerseBooks platform. Using the VerseSearch feature, users can search for music compositions by keywords, moods, and songwriters on the VerseBooks platform. The music composition, once discovered, can then be licensed by the user in accord with the smart contract created when the music composition was uploaded and registered in VerseBooks by the songwriter. Each music composition is priced in the utility token called VerseCoin (VSC), which is the cryptocurrency required to operate and interact on the VerseBooks platform. Upon the acquiring of the music composition via paying a license fee in VerseCoin (VSC) by the user, the songwriter or songwriters receive 100% of the license fee to their VerseWallet within the VerseBooks platform.

In addition to all of the added value that VerseBooks brings to the music industry, it also helps artists and songwriters register and manage their rights to their compositions before being signed. In particular, VerseBooks offers a premium service via the platform that instantly generates registration data via smart contracts that are simultaneously registered with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC before the composition's uploaded.

With such an innovative app and commercial social ecosystem, songwriters, artists, copyright owners, record labels owners, and aspiring musicians will surely have better careers. Everyone has a piece of a song; VerseBooks connects them together.

Learn more at and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat @VerseBooks

KeAndrea Ayers

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