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Project Honey Bees – Adopt-A-Bee a Honey Bee with every purchase

The only official Adopt-A-Bee store that donates to Save-The-Bees organizations such as Karma Honey Project.

Project Honey Bees consists of savvy bee lovers who are terrified and outraged by the fact that honey bees are slowly going extinct. The company’s goal is to help our yummy honey-producing fuzzy friends stay alive and the current statistics are not looking well. PHB is here to be the change! The Company’s main mission is to increase the honey bee population, spread awareness of the species, and support of local bee farmers.

Founded by Greta Schmidt – an environmental scientist and her husband Bentley Schmidt an agricultural engineer, the main mission of Project Honey Bees is repopulating the shrinking number of honeybees and supporting the local beekeepers from all around the world! Not only do bees produce sweet and yummy honey that nobody could live without, but bees are also responsible for the pollination of more than 1/3 of all crops around the world, making them the biggest pollinators! Without honey bees, the choice of veggies and meat from all around the world would be extremely limited. Save the bees!

The company provides extremely adorable, minimalist, and stylish bee – themed merchandise and jewelry to create a positive impact and provide customers with a Queen Bee that can be personally adopted. The link to their products can be found here:

Project Honey Bees partners up with multiple different bee charities and local beekeepers with the mutual goal of saving the endangered population of honey bees. Current updates on partnerships can be found on the PHB’s website, all the partnered companies collect a percentage of the profits of Project Honey Bees and dedicates the funds to bee research and funds local beekeepers while providing Project Honey Bees with the bee adoption program. Unlike the competitors, PHB provides real adoptions of real bees and no “symbolic” like the competitors.

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Company Name: Project Honey Bees
Contact Person: Violet Dang
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Phone: 202-555-0165
Country: United States

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