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PA Metal Building Supplier Shows Why Metal Buildings Are The Best for Manufacturing Plants

CDMG, an engineering and pre-engineered metal building supply company from Pennsylvania, has posted a new blog post on the importance of metal buildings for manufacturing facilities. Focusing on the need for constructing metal buildings, CDMG states that prefabricated steel buildings make life easier for manufacturers, who need wide-open spaces for handling warehouse space, crane systems, and mezzanines.

The article mentions the challenges of traditional wooden construction since the support walls that are needed can alter the design of a building that allows for optimal efficiency in a manufacturing facility. What’s more, expansion is even more complex and challenging in a traditional building.

Prefabricated Steel Buildings Are A Good Choice For A Manufacturing Plants

On the other hand, CDMG claims that metal buildings are easy to design and expand. A premier name in the pre-fabricated metal building industry, CDMG emphasizes the importance of metal in construction.

The article emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of metal buildings for factories since it requires less concrete for the foundation. Since a pre-fab building uses bolt-together assembly, there is a significant reduction in construction cost, and manufacturers can save on labor costs.

The article further highlights the role of thicker insulation in metal buildings with deep wall cavities, which, it claims, cuts down energy expenditure further. These savings are huge and can last for a lifetime. Another advantage of metal building construction is saving on insurance as metal is more likely to survive natural disasters than traditional wooden structures.

One important point about prefabricated metal buildings that the article stresses is the elimination of constant maintenance or pest control.

Another significant aspect of steel buildings shared in the article is the strength of the construction unit, as steel has the strongest strength-to-weight ratio. The article mentions the stability and strength of steel buildings and how the pre-engineered steel buildings remain relatively light.

One of the most important building aspects is the speed of construction. The article underlines that steel buildings require fewer framing pieces and are completed fairly quickly. What makes these units a popular construction option is that they are easy to customize, which means any design is possible with steel buildings.

In addition to being lightweight, strong, and customizable, metal buildings support the environment, with engineered steel being one of the most recycled materials on the planet.

CDMG is one of the leading engineering companies in the United States, serving a wide range of customers. A subsidiary of the STEVENS family of companies, CDMG began in 1991, with its head office set up in Southpointe, PA. The CDMG team boasts multi-discipline engineers and project management pros who focus on operations efficiency, timely delivery, and budget-friendly projects.

Prefabricated metal buildings are the future of the industry, and they are already making their impact today. Those interested to build new manufacturing facilities with steel can reach out to CDMG.

Check out CDMG’s website to learn more about the benefits of pre-engineered metal buildings.


For more information about CDMG Metal Buildings, contact the company here:

CDMG Metal Buildings
Thomas M. Corry
(724) 873-4700
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Southpointe Industrial Park
150 Technology Drive
Canonsburg, PA 15317

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