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Get Entertained With The Indie Authors’ Wall Of Fame: Popular Authors With Their Achievements

Science Hill, Ky, USA – November 3, 2020 – Amidst this global pandemic,  due to self-isolation, many people are spending more time than ever reading new books or novels. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to find the best books and authors in which to invest their time. In consideration of this dilemma, and to acknowledge their featured authors,  The Whole World News (ePrintedBooks) has built a wall of fame based on their most popular authors, highlighting their books and achievements. 

This Indie Authors’ wall of fame is unique, and the company decided to create this authors’ art gallery wall to provide a chance for self-publishing authors to get more fame and accreditation for their writing services.

In addition to this, the wall is equally crucial for book/novel readers to see, to help them find the books voted most worthy to read. 

“Whether you are a reader or an author, the Indie Authors Wall of Fame has something for everyone. Are you looking for books voted worthy of reading? Then, by all means, visit The Indie Authors’ Wall of Fame™! It is being stampeded by new readers looking for page-turning books of every genre,” said Steve Caresser, CEO of The Whole World News (ePrintedBooks). 

Right now, there are around 80 authors and their books featured in this Indie Authors’ Wall of Fame, and Steve is determined to increase it to 100, to celebrate their authorship.

The selection of these authors is based purely on merit and their achievements. Some authors have even had their writings converted to books-to-movie projects as well. 

Below is a list of top-selected books and their authors to whet your reading appetite:

Book-to-Movie – Wrong Place, Wrong Time by David P Perlmutter 

Book-to-Movie – The Adventures of Tom McGuire by Rayner Tapia

Book-to-Animated-Film – OCEANIA by Dede Stockton

A Western – Siege at Goldfield by Phil Running Bear 

Zombies and Robots – ZEEKA CHRONICLES by Brenda Mohammed

A Fun-to-Read Diary Novel – Diary of a Canadian Nobody by Paul James

1940 WW2 Dunkirk Evacuation – The Frenchman’s Daughters by Paul Sinkinson

Postapocalyptic – World of Rage by A. Shane Etter

Thrilling Time Travel – Sons of the Sphinx by Cheryl Carpinello 

Enchanting Epic Fantasy – The Ancestor’s Secrets Series: Protected by the Falcon and Chosen by the Sword by Erika M Szabo

Serial Killer – I MAY KILL YOU by Keith Dixon

Children’s Books – Margie Surprises Doc by Virginia K. White 

Parenting & Child Development  – Bandit, the Chubby Chihuahua by Pat Postek

Epic Fantasy – The Missing Shield by L L Thomsen 

Dragons – Daughter of Ethos: Divine Justice Book 4 by L. M. Lacee, author and a finalist of the Book Excellence Awards 2019 

Memories of Loved Ones – How to Boil Water by Pamela A Clark  

Classic Detective Fiction – BIOPRINTS by RC & JP Carter

Small-town Murder Mystery – A Killing in Rio Vista by Peter C. Bradbury 

Mystery & Thriller Crime – DEATH MASK by Eric J. Gates 

Intriguing, plot-twisting puzzle – RIDDLE ME THIS, LOVE OR BLISS by Arline Miller 

A True-Life Story – When Angels Fly by S. Jackson, A. Raymond, and M. Schmidt

Exclusive Vampire-Chasing Club at Disney – THE DEAD AT HEART by Susanne Leist. 

Epic Adventure With Dragons – Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair 

Childrens Books – Chomper, my Bearded Dragon by Carmen Swick

Childrens Books – Queen Vernita’s Visitors educational series by Dr. Dawn Menge

This above-mentioned list is just the tip of the iceberg. For more information about this unusual Indie Authors’ Wall of Fame, visit the links: 

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