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Hi, what are you looking for? Reveals How Holiday Profits May Require Deeper Knowledge of the Amazon Advertising Ecosystem

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. – October 27, 2020 – (

The holidays are soon upon us, and as businesses globally await the significant boon from the massive swell of transactions, which are imminent, one segment of knowledge could be the differentiator for maximizing success.

It may be of no surprise to many, however, according to Statista, Amazon was responsible for 45% of U.S. e-commerce spending in 2019, a staggering figure which is expected to rise to 47% in 2020. A trajectory that is potentially setting the stage to tip the scales north of 50% in 2021. In fact, the very recent Amazon Prime Day exploded with success, as sales within the marketplace sellers’ products surged by almost 60%, eclipsing over $3.5 billion in transactions.

With the rampant growth and landgrab that sellers are attempting to procure, opening an Amazon shop does not guarantee success. In fact, in a sea full of opportunists, those with hopes, goals and dreams of culminating e-commerce success, how can one not only survive but thrive? The answer may very well exist within Amazon’s bevy of ad options.

When asked, Omer Riaz, Founder of, had this to say. “We know that Amazon offers a significant opportunity for growth, scalable revenues and tremendous profits. However, there is a learning curve and a skill set that is required to navigate their ecosystem. Our team of Amazon listing optimization and Amazon advertising experts have one goal; to ensure the success of Amazon sellers”

Mr. Riaz further added, “Many factors prove complicated and can truncate success for Amazon sellers. For example, steep competition, limited warehouse space, logistical concerns and understanding how these factors impact adjustments within Amazon ad budgets are not common knowledge and leave sellers under-optimized. We offer knowledge freely, either by free consultation, or our guides, articles and thought pieces found at empower sellers to reach their full potential.”

Recently, released a comprehensive guide called The Different Types of Amazon Ads that Will Ignite Your Sales. This guide is aimed at informing sellers of the myriad of options that are available and how to best harness them for success. From Amazon Sponsored Ads to Sponsored Brand Ads and Amazon Product Display Ads, this guide sets the foundation to better understand the available options and propel success on Amazon.

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Original Source: Reveals How Holiday Profits May Require Deeper Knowledge of the Amazon Advertising Ecosystem

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