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George Edwin Pham Inspires Youth to Take Up Digital Entrepreneurship

George Edwin Pham Inspires Youth to Take Up Digital Entrepreneurship

Tasting success at a young age isn’t easy, but George Edwin Pham makes it look so. Pham has a passion for entrepreneurship, and with the help of his business partner, is associated with, an e-commerce store from a very young age of fourteen.

Born in 2006 in Timaru, New Zealand, Pham graduated when he was just 13. He met many new people and developed good networking contacts. In 2020, he joined Roncalli College, and is currently pursuing his education there, meeting new friends and learning all the things he can. But his stellar achievement is IconKicks that is run by his partner. 

“I was inspired by multiple YouTubers that go by the name of J Rich, The ECOM King, & Biaheza,” says Pham.

Pham loves the idea of making money, and not working for someone else only to wake up at 9am in the morning. This love of freedom got him interested in e-commerce way back in 2017 when he was just 11-12 years old.

Pham began to spend countless hours watching videos and learning the ins and outs of online business. He gained knowledge on topics like ‘How to dropship for beginners’, and in a couple of years, had his business partner start his store to sell shoes and apparel. Pham also developed interest in many other areas like gaming, finance, social media, etc.

“I think it is extremely important to gain a lot of knowledge about the future when you are my age, so you know a lot when you are older!” says Pham.

E-commerce came to Pham like a dream, but also left him working days and nights and overstressed. The store was shut at the start of 2020, but is now back again with greater enthusiasm. Pham has also accumulated over 10K followers on Instagram. He has also learnt the tricks of social media marketing, including the technical algorithms, and techniques that work on TikTok. 

Follow Pham on Tiktok (@georgephamm), Twitch, Discord, and Twitter and Instagram.

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