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Abboud Chaballout Is Using AI to Revolutionize the Healthcare System

BERKELEY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 22, 2020 / From the dawn of the industrial age, health workers have worked hard to develop technologies and systems to advance medical practice. The healthcare sphere has its share of innovators that improve the way professionals deliver health and wellness. One such pioneer is Abboud Chaballout, Founder of Diagnoss.

Abboud is an entrepreneur and thought leader in the field of health and medicine. He earned his law degree from the University of California Berkeley School of Law, one of the most prestigious institutions and one of the top ten universities for law studies. Before post-grad, he studied human biology, health, and society at the Ivy League, Cornell University.

In 2017, Abboud Chaballout launched a startup called Diagnoss, an artificial intelligence-powered application to the medical coding system. The tech's first application uses machine learning to reduce errors in medical coding and free up medical professionals' time and energy so they can focus solely on providing care to their patients in need. "Current [EHR's] encoding systems are outdated and complex," shares Abboud. "As such, providers end up doing a lot more than translating their work; they end up dancing around the translation in hopes of getting it right."

In response to the growing need for better medical billing and encoding, the innovator founded Diagnoss. The company's mission is to empower medical professionals by allowing them more time, energy, and resources to focus on patients. Abboud hopes that by freeing doctors from the shackles of administrative burdens, he can improve healthcare systems in the United States and beyond.

Abboud Chaballout acknowledges that there are many challenges present. "The problems in our healthcare system are not easily resolved with one app or one piece of technology," he shares. "There are multiple stakeholders, and sometimes it takes navigating and exploring an industry from multiple angles to figure out where technology could truly make things better." With Abboud's involvement as a health expert in the healthcare system, he has the experience and firsthand knowledge to make his technology relevant to the field as he has managed prior pharmacies, medical coding, billing companies, healthcare finance companies, and litigation firms. Abboud understands the various angles and complexities of health and medicine and knows what professionals need most.

Throughout his career, Abboud has received many honors. He served as a US Department of State Fulbright Fellow in 2009 in Amman, Jordan, where he researched telemedicine and missions for refugee mental health. The health expert also worked for Partners Healthcare as an Analyst, helping decentralize healthcare management structures abroad. Abboud has launched multiple healthcare start-ups, including medical billing and encoding companies.

Today, he hopes to usher healthcare into the future with machine learning and sound entrepreneurship. He looks to work with various healthcare providers, insurers, governments, and patients to discover how the field can further use AI to improve how we take care of the sick and in need. Abboud Caballout also looks to build and invest in more start-ups and ventures that will radically change the way healthcare providers serve patients.

Company: Diagnoss
Phone: (510) 859-7901

SOURCE: Diagnoss

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