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DirtyPop Cards is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Gift & Boutique Stores Nationwide.

DirtyPop Cards is utilizing Mr. Checkout's Fast Track Program to reach Independent Gift & Boutique Stores Nationwide.

“Expect the unexpected!”
DirtyPop Cards creates offensive 3D pop up greeting cards so you get the glory of being the funniest person in the room. Their funny, and sometimes crude designs have been inspired by the rock ‘n roll era. This is the greeting card that will actually be remembered 10 years from now.

Dirty Pop Cards, innovators of offensive 3D pop up greeting cards, announced today that it is participating in a national distribution agreement with Mr. Checkout, the nation’s largest networks of distributors providing the card company with enormous new market potential.

The agreement with Mr. Checkout will provide Dirty Pop Cards access to untapped retail markets nationwide, exposing the company’s funny line of pop up greeting cards to chain stores, independent gifts shops and other channels. The Mr. Checkout agreement builds upon Dirty Pop Cards’ already successful online sales and advances the efforts of the company in expanding its retail strategy. Through Mr. Checkouts Fast Track Program Dirty Pop Cards will have a more targeted, and accelerated launch into the retail sector.

In July 2020, Thao Lam launched Dirty Pop Cards, a business that specializes in funny 3D pop up greeting cards for people who wanted to share their inappropriate humor and jokes with their tribes of humorous misfits. Their goal was for their products to unite people in their laughter and have their customers look back ten years from now, thinking: “do you remember that hilarious 3D card you sent me?” 

Lam decided to do this in response to the sobering realities brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“2020 has been an eventful year and brought on many serious topics and issues that have arisen a level of fear and uncertainty that has not been experienced in this lifetime for many people. One of its most sobering events is the development of a global pandemic outbreak COVID-19. Ten days before my wedding I had to cancel it after months and months of planning. I was devastated. I turned to the internet for some laughter and levity. That’s when it hit me. The number of persons who are being afflicted by coronavirus, and some even subsequently succumbing to it, is no laughing matter. (Nor is it a hoax.). However, laughter has been a common theme and uniting force. This pandemic has affected people of all races, religions, backgrounds and culture and even still the human spirit turned to laughter. While sad, it has been a beautiful thing to watch people unite in the battle to overcome what has at times seemed like a bleak future,” Lam goes on to say.

With Dirty Pop Cards, the banter may be offensive and perverse to some, you cannot help but laugh through even the toughest of times. This is a time when people need more reasons to smile, and Dirty Pop Cards is hoping to give them one. Dirty Pop Cards went where everyone else was afraid to go and created a product to unify those who have the same sense of humor and are not afraid to laugh at inappropriate jokes.

Mr. Checkout is a national group of independent distributors, full-line grocery distributors and wagon-jobbers who service approximately 35,000 stores around the country. Always on the prowl for the next big product, Mr. Checkout is the go-to resource for distributors, wholesalers and retailers to get a handle on the best-selling items. It is led by company president Joel Goldstein, who has a reputation for successful product identification and is regularly consulted by “Shark Tank” entrepreneurs looking to get product into retail outlets. Dirty Pop Cards’ agreement with Mr. Checkout is indicative of the card company’s standout product concept and quality. 

Seven billion greetings cards are purchased in the U.S. each year, according to the Greeting Card Association, and annual retail sales are estimated at more than $7.5 billion. Signaling great potential in the greeting card space, nine out of 10 households buy an average of 30 individual cards per year, with Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day and Easter rounding out the top five buying categories. Novelty cards like Dirty Pop Cards and others are evidence that the market is ripe for those willing to carve out a niche space and break the mold, offering more than just a standard, run-of-the mill card likely to end up in a shoebox or in the trash after a few weeks. 

Dirty Pop Cards continues to grow their catalog of everyday designs. Lam says “We want to change the way people give cards and share laughs. We want to help people celebrate their birthday with huge laughs, show that couple they can be playful for their anniversary, and make jaws drop when saying congratulations, or thank you. Our cards are made for the people you really care about. The people you laugh with until it hurts. The ones you can be yourself around, without judgement.”

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