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QuizBound Introduces Virtual Assistants To Help E-Commerce Business Boost Sales

QuizBound Introduces Virtual Assistants To Help E-Commerce Business Boost Sales
A new secret growth strategy to boost online sales and grow your business to six figures.

In today’s digital environment, customers are faced with a vast product variety for their changing needs. Most of them know what type of product or service they want to buy, but they get lost in the wide varieties of options. Buyers have to deal with this “decision fatigue” almost all the time. QuizBound, an interactive content builder platform, worked out an intelligent solution for this.

Interactive content refers to the type of content users can interact with, such as apps, assessments, calculators, configurators, and quizzes. Users prefer interactive pages rather than passively reading, watching, or listening. Only 45% of clicks to a website get more than 15 seconds of attention. People no longer read everything they come across but rather scan for information. According to a survey prepared by Ion Interactive, websites with interactive content generate conversions moderately or very well 70% of the time, compared to just 36% for passive content.

QuizBound is an online quiz builder platform built for marketers to create interactive quizzes. Compared to other interactive content solutions, quizzes show 50% higher interaction rates. A quiz can alone generate 10s and sometimes even 100s of thousands of dollars for an online business. A case study of how a cosmetic skincare brand used a “What’s your skin score?” quiz to generate $200,000 in 2 months can be found at

Quizzes drive sales by functioning as a virtual assistant, guiding the user in the online shop’s catalog to maximize sales. When a visitor takes the quiz, based on their answers, they get directed to their best fit product in the catalog – without facing any “decision fatigue”.

Once you come up with a quiz idea for your business, you can build, design, and publish your quiz in no time using QuizBound’s online quız builder platform. QuizBound also offers integrations with most CRMs and other tools that enable businesses to build custom workflows and high converting sales funnels.

According to the famous marketing guru Neil Patel, co-founder of CrazyEgg and KissMetric, quizzes increased his website’s conversion rates by a whopping 500%.

If you would also like to boost your business’s online sales, you can visit for more information.

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