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Career Bridge Helps Millions Of Unemployed Americans Pivot Careers Towards Technology Sector

Career Bridge Helps Millions Of Unemployed Americans Pivot Careers Towards Technology Sector
This silicon valley engineer has made digital reskilling as a software engineer affordable and easy to help Americans lockdown’d out of a career cope with the pandemic

The pandemic has brought so many changes in today’s world. Whether good or bad, we’re all left to adapt and become resilient to whatever the current climate throws our way. One experience that has left many Americans on edge is the loss of so many jobs across the nation. In the COVID-19 economy, not many jobs are considered critical or “essential”, as they would say; however, one thing’s for sure – if your company and brand is within the digital space, you have more or less a margin to adapt and thrive once again. Career Bridge, a brand that focuses on digitizing your skills and pivoting your career towards digital, is on a mission to close this gap and serve as your bridge to building a relevant resume and breaking into the tech industry.

If you’ve recently been laid off or unemployed, searching for work, or just need to build some experience in tech then this one’s for you. Career Bridge lets you immerse yourself in frontend engineering with a challenge that surrounds you with an active community of JS engineers and the guidance from a Silicon Valley Software engineering pro who has also taught at Stanford and already helped multiple people break into tech in the Silicon Valley. The Digital Reskill Challenge pivots your career to software engineering and allows you to dip your toes in the game to be able to have an edge.

Whether you’re looking to learn the ropes and reskill or get career ready and break into the industry, you can earn a boot camp value for the price of an e-course and build your resume every step of the way this fall with their frontend engineering challenge running from October to the first week of December.

With Career Bridge, you can gain an edge on your competition, and earn your way into a real world internship and real world experience into the tech world. Fast forward with their no-BS guides and immerse yourself around focused learners and set the stage to take the leap this year or the next. It’s time to stop wondering how to survive this year and start preparing to thrive. Start a challenge and change your life at

About Career Bridge

Career Bridge is an online educational service that sets up digital reskill challenges for those looking to pivot their careers towards software and technology.

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