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Sewer Line Repair Services are Available in Tacoma, WA

Sewer Line Repair Services are Available in Tacoma, WA

The sewer line of a home is one of its most important plumbing components. When these begin to become damaged, they can cause major problems that are often unpleasant. When sewer line problems begin to arise, it is important homeowners contact Apollo Plumbing right away. Knowing the signs to look for will help homeowners to be proactive and ensure their plumbing lines are working properly. 

Understanding the Signs of Sewer Line Problems

There are multiple signs that can begin to occur when there are sewer line issues. When these are noticed, prompt repairs are necessary for preventing sewage spills and other issues. Consider the following when checking to ensure a sewer line is working as it should. Visiting also provides more information.

  • One of the first signs homeowners will begin to notice is slow drains. Because all drains are connected to the main sewer line, a clog or damage can lead to a slow down in how the drains work.

  • When a sewer line is intact and working as it should, it will not emit any odors. When breaks occur or there are blockages, these can disrupt the flow through the line and lead to foul odors that are especially noticed around drains and toilets.

  • Many homeowners are surprised to learn that mold can be a sign of sewer line issues. If a sewer line has even a minute crack, wastewater can leak into the walls or flooring and cause mold growth.

  • Another sign of sewer line problems is a patch of lush green grass. When a homeowner notices a patch of especially healthy grass, it is wise for them to have their sewer line checked by a company like Apollo Plumbing. Breaks in the sewer line become fertilizer for grass, leading to greater growth.

  • If a broken sewer line is left untreated for long periods of time, it can lead to foundation problems. Excess moisture can cause the ground underneath the foundation to become less stable, resulting in cracking in the foundation.

Rely on the Professionals for Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line issues can worsen over time, leading to major damages that become expensive to repair. There are many issues that can lead to sewer line damage. Tree roots and old pipes are the most common reasons for sewer line problems. It is important a homeowner relies on professionals to take care of their sewer line repairs. Sometimes, the damage becomes so expansive the lines must be replaced.

Homeowners should visit for further information. 

Call Today for Sewer Line Repairs

Sewer line problems can be stressful to handle. Thankfully, there are options for repair and replacement. When any of the above issues begin to arise, it is imperative homeowners contact the professionals right away for sewer line repair. With prompt repairs, sewer line problems will not lead to catastrophic damages that can become expensive to repair. 

Apollo Plumbing is a company that handles all types of plumbing repair and installation needs. From trenchless water lines to sewer repair, they handle the plumbing needs of their customers and have been serving them for over fifteen years. 

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