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China Real Estate International Building pilots REITs+ABT digitalization to promote the implementation of industrial digitalization

In recent years, Cambodia’s real estate investment has set off a heat wave, attracting many investors to seize the opportunity. Cambodia’s friendly international diplomatic relations, no foreign exchange controls, dollar-denominated prices, strong local demand for housing, and a high degree of economic openness have jointly promoted the rapid development of the local real estate market. Today, Cambodia is like Shenzhen in the early stage of China’s reform and opening up. By seizing the development opportunities of the real estate market, we can seize the long-term dividends brought by the urbanization process of Cambodia. And the China Real Estate International Building, which gathers thousands of honors in one, is undoubtedly the best choice for investors.

China Real Estate International Building is a high-rise skyscraper and national financial technology center located in Phnom Penh, the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is also a benchmarking project of China Real Estate Group’s “One Belt One Road” initiative. With the successful completion of the main body of the project, it is becoming a new global investment hotspot.


(On the left is an image of the Zhongfang International Building, and on the right is the completed rendering)

In the context of rapid development of overseas real estate REITs, China Real Estate International Group, in response to the pilot work of China’s domestic infrastructure REITs, decided to conduct real estate assets on the chain financing pilot of China Real Estate International Building based on a compliant security token to achieve compliance and innovative real estate financing to promote the liquidity of real estate asset tokenization (ABT). In this REITs+ABT financing, Titan Capital is responsible for the promotion and underwriting of China Real Estate International’s industrial digitalization plan, and it is now recruiting qualified investors worldwide.

To this end, Titan Capital launched both the online and offline roadshows of China Real Estate International Building. The online event will radiate Titan Capital’s global investor/investment institution resource base; its offline event will focus on promotion to Titan ecological partners. Among them, “ABT Digital Assets” can be exchanged for the ownership of the Zhongfang International Building property, can offset rents, and can be used for various types of consumption in the business scenario. It not only increases the investment income of investors, but also increases the flexible use of investment funds. Investors paid special attention to the cooperation and innovation of China Real Estate International Building and Titan Capital.


(Realize online roadshow through Zoom software)

(Focus on offline promotion to Titan ecological partners)

“The father of Chinese real estate”, Dr. Meng Xiaosu, Chairman of China Real Estate Group, said in an interview with the Cambodia China Times in 2019: “The current development of Cambodia is equivalent to China 20 or 30 years ago, and Cambodia’s real estate development advantage is straightforward.”

Cambodia is in the early stage of reform and opening up, and is leading the world with a GDP growth rate of nearly 7% for 9 consecutive years, becoming one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Cambodia’s real estate investment has been a hot spot in the overseas investment wave in recent years. In 2018, housing prices rose by 16.7%, ranking first in the world. In 2019, the real estate investment value increased by 34.73% year-on-year.

The Phnom Penh Capital Council issued a report stating that as of early September 2020, the number of buildings with more than 5 floors in Phnom Penh has increased to 1,484, of which the number of skyscrapers with more than 40 floors has increased to 37. Cambodian officials said that the Cambodian real estate market is still in good condition, especially in land sales and high-rise building construction projects. This field has made a significant contribution to the country’s economic construction and has also greatly improved the living standards of the Cambodian people.

After the completion of the Zhongfang International Building, it will become the tallest building in Cambodia. Xie Lei of the Global “Belt and Road” Economic Cooperation Association stated at the topping-out ceremony of the China Real Estate International Building on August 28 that the business and service concept of the China Real Estate International Building will be modeled after Zhengda Center, with financial and high-tech intelligence as the model. Take the lead and combine the concept of cultural health care services to create architectural works that integrate Chinese culture and Southeast Asian cultural customs.

(Topping Ceremony of Zhongfang International Building)

Historical experience tells us that there are huge investment opportunities in developing countries from economic inception to maturity, and Cambodia is undoubtedly in the best period of gold mining. Cambodia is a very young country. With its strong economic development and the birth of a huge middle-class population, the prospects of the real estate market are immeasurable.

The pilot REITs+ABT of China Real Estate International Building has launched a global roadshow. It will soon carry out online and offline events in Southeast Asian countries and along the Belt and Road Economic Belt. Titan Capital will promote the promotion and underwriting of the industrial digitalization plan; at the same time, Titan Capital has launched a regional partnership plan. Assist in the digital upgrade of the industry, and be a pioneer in the digitalization of the industry under the guidance of national policies.

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