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Meet Carina Rojas, A Millennial Real Estate Expert, See Why You Should Follow Her

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2020 / For Carina Rojas, real estate drastically changed her life. As a young girl, her single mom was working hard to make ends meet for her and her family. Suddenly, everything changed when her mom was able to purchase their first home and use the mortgage money to buy a rental property, which became incredibly lucrative for them all.

"I grew up in a single-parent household, although we lived in a Mobile home for most of my childhood, my mom worked hard to provide for my two other sisters and I. My life completely changed when my mom purchased her first home at the age of 35 with her 401k savings; 3 years after she purchased the home, the house acquired enough equity where she was able to refinance it, pull money out and purchase an investment/ rental property. She owned that investment property for 3 years then decided it was a good time to sell it, she walked away with 300k profit from that sale (keep in mind she never lived in it or made a mortgage payment on it, her tenants paid the home while she owed it) as a result of the profits of that sale, our lives changed for the better and the businesses that she had at that time expanded substantially as a result." Carina recounts.

Carina knew that real estate was for her after this life-changing moment. She didn't know anything about the industry, but she knew she wanted to help families reach the life-changing success she had experienced first hand. She bought her first house and began her path into the industry.

"I was intrigued at that point and made up my mind that I wanted to be part of this "Real Estate thing" I knew nothing about. I made a goal of purchasing a home at the age of 19 because I also wanted to make the kind of return my mom had made, however, I was intimidated by the idea of purchasing a home because I assumed the banks would turn me down due to my age. I also thought my work history and income wouldn't suffice the requirements, therefore I never pursued the goal of owning a home. Fast forward a few years, and I'm now working in the Mortgage industry. It didn't take long after working in the industry to realize that I was overqualified at the age of 19, as a matter of fact, I was overqualified and was what the banks would consider the perfect buyer!" Carina exclaims.

In addition to working in the business herself, Carina is also helping others master the art of real estate. She offers sage advice that helped her achieve her success and help others avoid common missteps in the process.

"I created a First Time Home Buyer Mentorship Course that helps individuals get informed, and learn everything that buying a home entails; like what to expect before, during, and after buying a home, what questions to ask your loan officer and realtor to make sure you don't get a payment you can't afford or get a payment that will increase over time. My course also helps people learn how to increase their credit scores and what things to avoid doing during the home buying process. My course also helps people understand the programs available for first time home buyers and compares the down payment assistance programs to other available programs so that they understand the pros and con's on the program of their choice. My program includes so much more, but one of the things that most of my students enjoy is me working with them one on one online, giving them a Road Map to Success that tells them exactly what they need to do to be able to purchase a home in the next 12 months or less, basically, me holding their hands and giving them a step by step guide to home buying based on their personal income and credit situation." Carina says.

In the future, Carina is hoping to put together more online programs that will help others attain their licenses in both real estate and mortgage loans. To find out more about Carina, check her out on Instagram here. Check out her website here.


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