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FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers El Paso Brings New Technology to its Clinics to Support Patients Faced With Knee Pain

FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers El Paso Brings New Technology to its Clinics to Support Patients Faced With Knee Pain

El Paso, Texas – September 16, 2020 – FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers – El Paso, announces today the launch of KneeKGTM into all four of their locations. Developed by Emovi, the KneeKG is for the knee, like an EKG is for the heart and provides valuable data that enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to determine the most appropriate patient-specific care plan to restore optimal knee function.

Knee pain is the second leading cause of chronic pain. One out of five people experiences knee pain during their life due to an injury or pathology such as knee osteoarthritis, patellofemoral syndrome, ACL rupture, or a meniscal tear.

The FDA cleared KneeKG is the first in-clinic device that enables healthcare professionals to accurately, objectively, and in real-time,  assess a patient’s knee(s) in 3D while the patient is moving and weight-bearing. In contrast to static information provided by X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), KneeKG quickly identifies the biomechanical and functional deficits linked to pain and instabilities of an orthopedic cause such as those associated with knee osteoarthritis, anterior knee pain and ligament injuries.  By providing a functional and objective knee assessment with a higher correlation to the symptoms, the KneeKG enables the clinician to develop a more focused treatment plan to significantly improve patients’ quality of life, pain, and functional limitations.

“At FYZICAL, we consistently aim to advance our services by ensuring we provide the most relevant therapeutic techniques and state-of-the-art-technology in all of our clinics,” said Luis Zuniga, President of FYZICAL PT, DPT, CHT, MTC. “Introducing the KneeKG into our clinics provides an incredible tool for our therapists to more efficiently diagnose knee pain to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and, ultimately, mitigate patients’ knee pain.”

Continued Zuniga, “The KneeKG perfectly supports our emphasis on customized patient care and is an extremely valuable tool to support our partnership with the El Paso Rhinos and our initiatives with the Live Active El Paso platform.”

“Knee pain affects one-third of Americans at some point during their life, and the KneeKG is positioned as a solution to improve the current standard of care by providing real-time, quantifiable data that objectively and accurately assess dynamic knee function,” said Michelle Laflamme, president and CEO of Emovi, Inc. “We are delighted to be working with the FYZICAL clinics in El Paso as they introduce the KneeKG to advance care options for their patients who suffer from chronic and acute knee pain.”

The KneeKG is available at four El Paso FYZICAL locations:

FYZICAL East El Paso TX – 8111 N. Loop, Suite B

FYZICAL Joe Battle El Paso, TX – 2270 Joe Battle Blvd #R  

FYZICAL NorthEast El Paso TX – 4758 Loma Del Sur            

FYZICAL West El Paso TX – 4646 N. Mesa

About FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers

FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers are actively changing the healthcare landscape by providing patients with wellness programs and clinical care in Fall Prevention, Orthopedic, and Vestibular Rehabilitation. With five locations in El Paso, FYZICAL is committed to using the most relevant therapeutic techniques and current state-of-the-art technology.

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About Emovi Inc.

Headquartered in Montreal, Emovi is a medical device company that develops products for knee joint assessment to restore the patients’ quality of life. In partnership with the Quebec university research community, including the CRCHUM, École de Technologie supérieure (ÉTS), and TELUQ, Emovi completed the development of the KneeKG, a unique clinical tool evaluating knee functional deficiencies linked to patients’ symptoms and pathology progression. Emovi owns multiple patents and the exclusive worldwide license to commercialize KneeKG:          

The KneeKG is FDA indicated for appropriate assessment of the 3D knee motion for patients who have impaired movement functions of an orthopedic cause.  It is intended to provide information used for physical evaluation and treatment planning purposes.

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