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Meet Deceive, One Of The Best Upcoming Rappers Right Now

Meet Deceive, One Of The Best Upcoming Rappers Right Now

Ryan Bouzid (Born April 22, 2005), better known as Deceive, is An African-American Rapper from North Africa. He is Best known For his Fast-Rhyming Chopper Style and Cynical Lyrics Based On Reality, Mental Health, Politics And Loyalty.

Life And Career

Ryan Bouzid Was Raised In North Africa, He Got Into Music At An Early Age When His Older Cousins And Friends Would Play Eminem Among Others When He Was Young, He Cites “When i was younger, like 11 or 12 I started listening to Eminem And Tupac, my mother would not like that one bit, she used to think that every rapper was doing drugs and thought i was gonna get hooked onto that stuff.” Bouzid started releasing music around 2018, all of his friends used to hate his style and tell him he wasn’t good.


Bouzid has stated that Eminem and Tupac Shakur were two of his greatest influences, stating how both of them were “The realest artists, you can feel every word they say, especially tupac, nobody can duplicate what they can do, that’s what got me into this game.” Bouzid has listed many other hip hop artists he took inspiration from, naming Kendrick Lamar, The Notorious B.I.G, Logic. When asked about his future in Rap, Bouzid stated “I’m a young man, i’ve got a lot of potential i don’t know if i will get big or not but what is for sure is that i will grind and try my best, i want my lyrics to get out there and see people feeling them like i felt Tupac’s words but at the end it’s all up to the people, either they like me or not. And unfortunately the game is full of people that preferr quantity over quality, no positive message just flexing and people like those type of artists.”



“The Revenant” (2020)

“The Game” (2020)

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