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Upstate New York Native And Mobile Paralegal, Christa Centolella, Is Dedicated To Bringing Hope and Reassurance through Legal Support And Financial Services To Businesses And Her Community

An entrepreneur, paralegal and financial referral broker, Christa Centolella continuously goes the extra mile for her clients.

From a young age, Christa knew she wanted to run her own business. While her career began in the music and entertainment industry, she soon found her way into media law, working for multiple attorneys, obtaining certifications and honing her skills. After a few years and driven by her desire to serve individuals and businesses in her community on a broader scale, she decided to open her own independent practice.

Christa’s practice, CJC Judgment and Paralegal Services, provides support to local individuals, businesses and law firms alike.  Christa has been practicing since 2006 in Georgia, California, and New York and presently serves 24 counties in upstate New York. While a good portion of her business includes providing paralegal support to attorneys and performing everything from administrative tasks, notary services, screenings and intakes, a large aspect of her business is focused on directly serving her local communities’ legal needs.

In addition to offering legal assistance, Christa also provides financial services to her clients through her sub-company 1st4Financial. Not to be confused with a traditional attorney, Christa’s role as a paralegal differs in the sense that while she often works closely with attorneys, she can offer other types of legal support, often at a fraction of the cost. This support ranges from background checks, audits, process serving, consults, forms, notary services and more.  The type of client’s that Christa works with also span a wide range as well, from small to large business owners, title and real estate companies, to individuals, there are countless situations in which a notary and a paralegal’s help may be required.

Christa credits her nearly 3 decades of success to her ability to communicate and empathize with her clients. She explains that many clients are also looking for hope and reassurance for their situation. She makes it her mission to offer that hope in the form of both empathy and support services. “Your concern is my concern, let’s find a solution together,” says Christa. This mentality extends to her offerings, from mobile services to evening hours, Christa does all she can to meet the needs of her clients, and provide services that are attainable to anyone.

When she is not offering legal support to the general public and local law practices, Christa focuses on pouring into others as she is passionate about helping her community. Actively involved in her church, and other social groups dedicated to empowering women, Christa has never forgotten where she came from, nor the values that she was taught since birth. Growing up, Christa’s mother instilled in her the importance of character and the way in which character informs and affects every aspect of your life, your integrity and your business. Today, Christa strives to run her business with those same values.

An entrepreneur at heart, Christa has a clear vision and mission for her company: “Always go the extra mile.” Christa works daily to accomplish this mission by finding creative solutions for her clients and offering affordable support to individuals who may not be able to afford more traditional attorney fees. Christa’s support goes far beyond other paralegal’s offerings because she actually seeks to educate those that come to her, to better understand how to prepare for the future and better protect themselves both financially and legally. Christa strives to offer the tools, advice and encouragement to enable each client to live into their full potential in order to best serve their own communities.

When Governor Cuomo made the decision to shut down New York due to Covid-19, Christa and a multitude of Notary service providers contacted and petitioned the Governor’s office to make sure that Notary services was considered “essential” to be able to continue to serve the community in the wake of this pandemic. By doing so, Christa has been able to help those feeling isolated and affected adversely by Covid-19 by using every safety precaution including masks, gloves, sanitizer, and social distancing in place. “That is part of the hope and reassurance factor that I want to give to others and the communities I serve. I am here and I can still help even in the hardest of times.” 

Media Contact
Company Name: CJC Judgment and Paralegal Services
Contact Person: Christa Centolella
Email: Send Email
Phone: (315) 256-0601
Address:23 Wright Avenue
City: Auburn
State: NY
Country: United States

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