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myKarateStore Expects High Demand For Ninja Uniforms Ahead Of Halloween LLC, an online supplier of martial arts uniforms and equipment, is expecting a high volume of orders for Ninja Uniforms, especially now that Halloween will be during the coronavirus pandemic. The company is pleased to share that they have enough stock in their inventory to meet this significant increase in consumer demand during the 2020 Halloween “Trick or Treat” season.

Debby McMurtry of says, “With it’s built-in mask, we expect Ninja uniforms to be quite popular this year. We also expect that everyone has been working on their Ninja skills during the pandemic – and now wants to look the part.” She explains that a huge volume of orders are expected to come from martial artists that have always wanted to dress up as a Ninja for Halloween. McMurtry continues, “Ninjitsu is a colorful, effective martial art. But we do not expect Ninjitsu stylists to be ordering these as Ninja Uniforms. Instead, we expect a demand for Ninja Costumes from wanna-bes to drive Ninja Uniform sales this fall.”

As noted on MyKarateStore’s website, the Black Ninja Uniform is made of 100% black cotton and includes jacket, pants, hood, mask and arm guards. The authentic looking with hood and face mask are comfortable to wear and ideal for ninjitsu enthusiasts. This makes it easier for aspiring Ninja to be stealthy as they approach doors in search for candy. McMurtry explains that most Ninjitsu practitioners typically wear a heavyweight black Karate gi, but usually martial artists of other styles purchase the Ninja uniform as a costume. She also says that black uniforms are quite popular all year round. “It is also important to note that dressing up in a Ninja costume does not actually make one a Ninja,” McMurtry adds.

While the mask is built-in to this Ninja uniform, McMurtry also points out how little protection it may actually add during the Coronavirus pandemic. “This mask is highly breathable, but if you are trying to stay safe during a pandemic, you might want to get a mask for under the mask!”

The Ninjitsu community is more open and accepting to having their art become a cliche every year, as there have been no petitions received to remove this uniform from the store. “Karate has the whole no-can-defend and Crane technique, but that is year round. Sometimes we sell Monk costumes this time of year, but nothing is going to be as popular as the Ninja uniform this year,” McMutry stated.

More information on Ninja Uniforms and other martial arts gear can be found on MyKarateStore’s website. The site also has a dedicated online store where customers can purchase quality uniforms and equipment. Interested parties may also connect with MyKarateStore on social media to stay abreast of their latest news and important announcements.


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