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Dentist in Woden Stresses the Advantages of Going to a Family Owned Dentist as Opposed to a Corporate Dental Practice

Acacia Dental Group, a family-owned dental practice in Phillip, ACT, Australia, wants to stress the benefits of going to a family-owned dentist as opposed to a corporate dental practice. Phillip is a suburb of Canberra and is found in the district of Woden Valley. Meanwhile, a number of dentists who have worked for corporate dentistry have expressed their frustration with the practice model that they have to follow. Basically, since a corporate organization is concerned with profit, the business model used is to optimize the use of the patient’s insurance and get as much cash as possible for the treatment provided. On the other hand, a family-owned dentist will be more concerned about developing a good relationship with patients.

Sirisha Yalamanchili, one of the dentists at Acacia Dental Group, says, “We live in a world of evolving customer expectations. Businesses are having to rise to the challenge, and the modern-day dentist practice is no different. Modern dentistry in Woden involves practices offering more than general dentistry services. They need to provide advanced treatments, competitive prices and, most importantly, do it all with a smile. Today’s consumer expects to be greeted by name, to be valued and to receive only the best quality treatment, products and services.”

She continues, “In today’s modern world, customers expect a lot more for their money. However, while expectations are high, purse strings are often tight. We all know the importance of our oral health, but treatment costs can be a significant burden. The result is that we are a lot more particular about who we give our money to. We need to trust in our dental practices, to have faith in the services they offer and to know that they have our best interests at heart. This is where a family-run practice comes into its own. Family-run practices are able to put patients before profits, understanding the old-style customer care values that many of us hold dear.”

To summarise, there are several benefits of a family-run dental practice. First of all, they want to develop long term relationships. Family-run practices usually have a history of several generations of the same family offering dental care. In turn, they are likely to have also provided care to several generations of certain families. Second, they offer free initial consultations. As family-run dental practices, they are not limited by corporate pricing structures, which means they are free to offer free initial consultations. Third, they can offer flexible payment options. In the same way that they are able to offer free initial consultations, family-run practices can also provide a range of payment options to help patients manage the cost of treatment.

On the other hand, corporate dental practices are focused on numbers and productivity. Corporate dentists are under pressure to make a profit, which means that they will tend to upsell treatments and offer more treatments in less time, as the primary concern is profit. Furthermore, corporate dental practices tend to attract many newly qualified dentists who are eager to practice their profession but for some reason are unable to put up their own practice. Unfortunately, such dental practices tend to have much higher staff turnaround. The effect is that there isn’t enough time for them to nurture patient confidence and trust in the same way that it is done in a family-run practice.

With regards to future of modern dentistry in Woden and in Canberra, Sirisha Yalamanchili says, “It’s hard to say exactly what dental practices in Canberra will look like in the future. Smart toothbrushes, diagnostics via artificial intelligence and bacteria-fighting implants may well be added to treatment options. All we do know is that practices will continue to evolve with advancements in technology. Meanwhile, here at Acacia Dental Group, whatever the treatment options, we will continue to deliver modern dentistry with a smile, while ensuring we restore yours.”

Those who are looking for a Woden dentist may want to check out the Acacia Dental Group website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


For more information about Acacia Dental Group, contact the company here:

Acacia Dental Group
Sirisha Yalamanchili
(02) 6281 2222
[email protected]
Suite 14, Level 2, Gadal Chambers, 48 Corinna St, Phillip ACT 2606

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