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Slingbow and Bowfishing Ecommerce Company Announces the Launch of Their Brand-New Redesigned Website, a popular slingbow and bowfishing eCommerce company, has just announced the launch of their brand new redesigned website. Those that view the new website will notice it has been given a big makeover that leaves it with only a few traits remaining from the older website version. The new website design and launch was undertaken by Two Feathers VA, LLC, the parent company of, in an effort to give their customers better information on the company’s products and to enhance their customers overall online shopping experience.

The business owner, Tony Reaves, says, “Excited about the new site and we are fully stocked up on inventory and ship within 24 hours on all in-stock orders.” He went on to add that the site redesign was handled by JVI Mobile Marketing (, a leading digital marketing coaching and consulting company in Greensboro, NC. Reaves said that they used their many years of experience in the field to come up with a website that looks great and makes it easy for a customer to click right to the specific product information that they are looking for. He said he was especially impressed with the way JVI Mobile Marketing also used input from longtime company employees and customer feedback to come up with a final website design. Reaves added, “Even our namesake, ‘Chief AJ’, was impressed with the new website.”

Chief AJ Slingbow and Bowfishing Rigs

Reaves said that those looking to purchase slingbow hunting products from them are in for a real treat when they visit the newly redesigned website. He says not only has the information on these products improved but so have the visuals that go along with their slingbow products. The new photos on the website make it abundantly clear that modern slingshots have come a long way from their Y-shaped wooden and rubber band constructed predecessors. The company owner gave their ‘The Chief’s Elite’ slingbow as an example. He says that this modern style slingshot is made using both metal and composite materials and comes with an extra power band. It can be used for shooting balls, rocks, and even full-length hunting arrows. Reaves said this advanced slingshot also folds up into a compact 1 ½” thick package and is so powerful it has been known to take down grizzly bears, black bears, moose, caribou, red stags, whitetail deer, giant fish and more. John Stromberg stated this in his 5-star review of the product, “The Chief AJ slingbow is a superior product and I really love it. It’s indestructible and deadly accurate.” The company owner added that this is just one of many different types of modern hunting slingshots that can be seen on their redesigned website. The company owner says the staff was also very happy with the way that their bowfishing products are now displayed on their newly launched website. This includes the company’s many slingshot and reel combination kits and their popular bowfishing arrow rest collection.

One highlight of the newly launched website that Reaves said those at the company are very proud of is the dedicated information section on the company’s namesake, John ‘Chief AJ’ Huffer. The company owner says that he is a colorful character that deserves to be more well-known for his incredible shooting exploits over the years and much of this is outlined in the new webpage section. Chief AJ is known for such things as being the only slingbow user to make author Keith Wood’s ‘The Best Exhibition Shooters of All Time’ list. The Chief made this list by accomplishing such outrageous shooting feats as shooting 40,060 straight little wooden blocks out of the air without a miss using a .22 rifle and by shooting over 1,400 flying targets using only a slingshot. Reaves said that Chief AJ has also accomplished many incredible fitness and swimming feats.

The company owner went on to state that the newly redesigned website also includes a section on the company’s products that are designed for BB gun users, a section where informational blogs can be posted, and a company newsroom.


For more information about Two Feathers VA, LLC, contact the company here:

Two Feathers VA, LLC
Tony Reaves
(434) 572-7609
[email protected]
4 S. Main St.
South Boston, VA 24592

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